I’ve been asked if I can follow up my post “what to wear”, which identified why I had so many clothes and nothing to wear. I call this follow up “how to look good”  but I know of a bunch of other mamas who do this A LOT better than me, including fellow #allaboutyou featured blogger, Pouting in Heels, who wrote a fab article about style and dressing for her life! I bow to your superior style knowledge.

The truth is, while I loved detoxing my wardrobe and making a piechart of what I own verses what I need (who doesn’t love making piecharts?), the next bit was not to my taste. Finding new clothes, let alone those that look good, and working out how to look good in general while looking after a child is very much a challenge to me!

how to look good - what I need as a mum

The infamous piechart of What to wear fame – this represents the number of outfits for each category that I need as a mum over a 3 week period

Probably the biggest change I made after that post was to buy some more “lounging/playing at home” clothes. And by this I mean basically pyjama bottoms! When we get in and I know we’re not going back out, I tend to get changed – this saves my ‘nice’ clothes from getting worn out from playing on the floor with Reubs or getting covered in food. I also don’t have to wash them as much (makes your clothes last a lot longer according to Jessica Alba…!)

For everything else I now spend 90% of my time outside the house in a uniform of

skinny jeans + long vest + top/jumper = how to look good with a kid

It’s quite samey and a bit dull, but I never look at my wardrobe and panic, unless I need to do some washing, and I generally feel good and comfortable. Here is my uniform in more detail…

How to look good 1. Skinny jeans

The staple of my wardrobe at all times now is the skinny jean. I have 3 pairs: traditional jeans; smart black; and, smart blue.

How to look good - skinny jeans

Traditional: Citizens for all humanity

I bought a pair of Avedon low-rise skinny jeans about 4 months ago and I have barely taken them off, they are the best jeans I’ve ever owned. I wear them when I’m out with Reuben, when I’m working on my own, when I go out for a meeting, and even when I go out out. They are worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately, that is also how much I paid for them at House of Frasier. But I’ve since found them way cheaper online… 

 How to look good - skinny jeans

Smart black: Warehouse

These trousers are just great for when I have finally taken off my Citizens. They are comfy, and do what they need to when I’m out and about with Reuben: keep my bottom covered. These tend to my choice more for when I need to be smarter, so Christenings, daytime parties, that kind of thing. Just pop on some heels.

 How to look good - skinny jeans

Smart blue: Warehouse

These trousers aren’t amazingly comfortable! They basically don’t have enough elastic in them, which is what my thighs really need. They’re OK if you’re standing (once you’ve yanked them up) but can’t handle too much manoeuvring, so they tend to be my jeans for going out for drinks or a meeting. Basically places without Reuben.

What I still need…

I would love another pair of Citizens, especially now I’ve found them cheaper online. In lieu of that, I might try something a bit more interesting. Leopard print skinnies anyone?

How to look good 2. Tops


I now wear jumpers with my skinny jeans. But how hard is it to find a decent bit of knitwear that doesn’t bobble or look generally ‘worn’ within a few washes? I’ll tell you, very.

how to look good - small wardrobe!

Mini wardrobe – those first 9 hangers hold the clothes I wear on a day to day basis (plus what I’m currently wearing)

To increase my day-to-day selection after I culled my wardrobe, I bought a few pieces of knitwear from Warehouse, a couple of more pricy things from Whistles (including a cashmere jumper that looks less pricy than it was but feels lovely!) and a jumper from the John Lewis Weekend collection. This jumper looked gorgeous when I first put it on but by the end of the first day it looked like I’d bought it 10 years ago…disappointing. So I’m afraid, despite spending between £40 and £100 on each of these items, I’m still on the lookout for decent jumpers! Answers on a postcard (or in the comments below!).

how to look good - don't buy this jumper!

Bobbly boobs? No thanks!


I used to be a big fan of the t-shirt and cardi but it just doesn’t quite look right on me anymore. So I have shunned this look generally in favour of the jumper. However, I do love this cardigan by All Saints. Unlike it’s jumper compatriots, it still looks almost like it did when I bought it 4 months ago but because it’s hand wash only and light coloured, it now has some dubious stains on it that I can’t seem to get out…so I would suggest getting the dark version over the light one!

how to look good - tops

How to look good 3. Basics

Long vests and a bra that fits like a glove…I have 3 long vests (2 white and 1 black) from Warehouse that I wear on rotation. I have other bras but my all time favourite is a bra that would never win any prizes for sex appeal (don’t be fooled by the picture below) but it is the best bra I’ve ever owned. Purely because it does what I need it to: keeps my boobs in them. You think that sounds like a simple task? I’ve never actually owned a bra that has actually achieved this. Fact.

how to look good

I would highly recommend this wondrous piece of essential clothing: Rebecca Spaced Moulded Bra by Fantasie

Even the name sounds like it was engineered by Rocket Scientists. I believe it probably was since the task of supporting breasts is clearly that difficult.

How to look good 4. Boots

It’s winter right, so basically I either wear my knee high boots that I got last year from Dune or, this year’s purchase, some ankle boots from Kurt Geiger.

how to look good

That’s it thus far! And I’m kind of happy with the set up, I think I just need more of it and better quality knitwear (or maybe worse quality – this 65% viscous jumper that I’m wearing right now seems perfectly capable of not bobbling) that can handle the mama lifestyle!

how to look good

What are your top tips for how to look good while looking after a child?

I’m linking this post in with the #AllAboutYou ladies and am chuffed as little mint balls that Luci from Mother.Wife.Me chose my post about Dry January from last week’s linky to be her featured post this week. Thank you!!