A few weeks ago I started my stretch mark panic…since apparently creams (and I’ve read a few academic papers about this since) are not proven to work, I started to think about how to prevent stretch marks with food and then put together this shopping list for the best foods to prevent stretch marks.

I’ve even asked my other Juice Guru, Jay Kordich (who looks 60 but is about 120), what he would recommend to prevent stretch marks and, despite getting a million questions a day, he’s always kind enough to get back to everyone and this is what he said:

Try to eat alkaline foods, and also rub your tummy with organic coconut oil. More important than that is to make sure to take a good dose of essential fatty acids. It’s the BEST way to keep the stretch marks from appearing. Get one from Omega Nutrition. It’s called: 3-6-9. Jay

I’d need to check with my midwife about actually taking a supplement, but I’d looked up the best sources of omega 3 after my first post and found a good website, called WHFoods, that gave a nice and in depth description of Omega 3 and where you can find it. Firstly, flax seeds are the daddy – you can get 139% of your recommended daily allowance from 75 calories (2 tbsp) worth of seeds. Close behind is walnuts and salmon. Another very interesting bit of research they talk about is a study of people eating fresh salmon verses cod liver oil and they found that people are better able to absorb omega 3 from food rather than supplements…now I’m more than happy to trust Jay on this one, there’s no harm doubling up (especially since we can’t really eat too much fish), but should you prefer to get your daily dose from food, that should work too.

As a result I’ve now been putting flax seeds on everything! And, I thought I’d put together some of the breakfasts I’ve been having that are full of the vitamins recommended for preventing stretch marks:

Porridge with nuts, seeds and fruit

Porridge is a good start to the day as, to put it bluntly, it will help keep everything moving (preventing constipation, piles, etc!). It’s also good for protein, essential for baby bean’s development. From a stretch mark fighting point of view, all you really have to do is add a selection of the following:

Seeds: flax seeds (of course), and sunflower seeds (for Vit D)

Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts (for Vit E), pecans (for Zinc), walnuts (Omega 3)

Fruit: Black current, strawberries (Vit C), apricot (Vit A), etc. I like to add banana because of its happy chemicals and I once read it had all the vital building blocks for life, so good if you’re working out (and one would presume, cooking a baby).

Porridge with flaked almonds, banana and a teaspoon of manuka honey

Yoghurt with nuts, seeds and fruit

You’ll see there’s a bit of theme running here but it makes sense, plus, according to Women’s Health Magazine, greek yoghurt is the best way to get protein from a dairy product. I’ve used zero fat yoghurt for this and melted a teaspoon of manuka honey in the microwave for 10 seconds and then combined the lot with a little selection of, you guessed it, nuts seeds and fruit – see list above!

Greek yoghurt with manuka honey, blueberries, red grapes, sunflower seeds and flax seeds

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms

I really fancied this this morning, as I could tell it was going to a hungry day and eggs are meant to fill you up for longer (still hungry by 10:30! But imagine if I hadn’t had a decent breakfast?!). They are also full of Vitamin D, so an anti-stretch mark tick. I wanted to add tomatoes as they’re a bit of a super-stretch mark food containing Vitamins C and E and silica. Finally I added mushrooms because we had them and I fancied it. Pile it on toast and finish off with some flax seeds. Oh, and a decaf tea.

Scrabbled eggs with tomatoes, mushrooms and flax seeds on granary toast

Smoked Kippers are also a bit of a breakfast favourite up here (what with the famous Craster Kipper smokeries just up the road) and would also be ideal but remember to watch your fish intake.

Have you got any breakfast suggestions that utilise the stretch mark shopping list? – please share (I also still have a pack of untouched Kale – for vitamins A and C – in my fridge so suggestions for what to do with that would be most welcome!). Happy Breakfasting xxx