Gabriella recently asked about the hairs on her legs. She wished she had legs like her best friend who was hair free (thanks to very blond genes) and she hinted at wanting to know how to shave your legs. I’ve thought about this little interaction a lot since. Firstly it reminded me of the first time I shaved my legs with one of these.

how to shave your legs

Gillette Sensor Excel

Secondly, it has got me thinking about growing up.

How to shave your legs

Hairy legs is something I came into contact with when I was 10. Last year of primary school. We had just moved to Birmingham from Abingdon, near Oxford. I had a posh accent. I had hairy legs. I was plopped into an inner-city school and I may as well have been an alian. It was miserable, definitely not all the time, but I went from being a bit of a ringleader to the bottom of the food chain. Legs and armpits definitely got some attention.

My mum showed me how to Immac (as it was then) my armpits but as she didn’t shave her legs she didn’t see it as appropriate for me to shave mine. Even now I still think 10 is too young to be worrying about that but it was important to me at the time!

One day my Dad gave me £10 out of the blue. I went straight out and bought a Gillette Sensor Excel and set about shaving my legs in secret. My god, they felt soooooo smooth. It was like a Barbie leg. I was thrilled. However, no one told me you needed to use soap or shaving foam…

I had dry shaved my legs and yes they were smooth but they also looked like they had been skinned. It was rather painful for a few days!

Hairy legs is just the introduction to growing up. Noticing your body. It’s crept up on me but Gabby is in the beginning stages of teenage-dom. She’s asking interesting questions and she wants a mobile phone for her Birthday (which has opened a whole other can of worms that you can read about here).

What I am trying to say is that I can understand why Gabriella would want to get rid of the hair on her legs but 7 and a half (and bare in mind that some of her classmates are 6 and a half!) seems too young for people to be picking on her about it! She’s not mentioned it since and I am thrilled she would want to confide in me about anything but there are so many milestones to come and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Time is going so quickly and I’m terrified of messing it up. But one things for sure, I won’t let her dry shave her legs!