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Fresh off the back of my Planning resolution – this week has been all about Evernote; getting my daily tasks done, scheduling new ones, oh and crying. Thanks to sleep deprivation settling in I have cried a lot!

On Sunday I stuck to my schedule and did some food planning and prepping for the week ahead. It’s made such a difference! I’ve cooked what we have and not let it go out of date, and it’s left us with plenty of leftovers for lunch. So, I’d say that bit was a success. I wasn’t as enamoured with the egg and mince cupcakes I made for breakfast – think I’ll stick to scrambled in future!

The week I cried! The List 18

Monday was my first day back at work, which was fun!

Tuesdayย Reuben and I had our first day just the two of us and aside from a failed nap, which meant we then walked to the Library (success in itself – although that boy is slow!), we had a great day. Mike and I also finished watching The American Office. I think I’m going to have to write a post just about this milestone in my life – I cried. Like really cried!

The week I cried! The List 18

Wednesdayย Reuben’s sleeping is shocking at the moment and it reached an all time low on Tuesday night when he got up 5 times between 2 and 3:30. I would just drift off and then there he was again; slow and agonising torture. So, Wednesday I decided to make a sticker chart with him. We drew some boxes, he stuck a sticker in the first of 5 and then I explained how if he stayed in his bed all night he would get another sticker tomorrow. When he got all 5 he would get a van and I showed him the picture below. I kept reinforcing the idea all evening and then again in bed. He was onboardย ย – it couldn’t fail to work! Then at 8:30pm I went upstairs and there he was messing about at his door and I cried! (there’s a bit of theme here have you noticed?) I then wondered if it’s OK to cry in front of your kids?

The week I cried! The List 18

Thursday started off pretty bad {what with crying again in front of the childminder about the fact he was up and down again that night despite my best efforts with the sticker chart (he’s even bloody telling people about the chart! What gives man?!?) – I know, I can hear myself and this is ridiculous} but after a fabulous walk on the beach, a coffee (we’re all out – bad planning!!!!) and a good chat with my best mate I was ready to face the world again!

Blog Life

I’ve started a fun new challenge to visit every castle in Northumberland this year – or at least I hope it’s fun!! I’ve written about my 2015 Castle Challenge here, and after going through each castle and seeing more about the place now, I think Reuben and I are going to learn a lot and hopefully meet a few new people, perhaps even make a few friends!

I’m also desperately trying to think of the right tagline for this blog. Mike has been working on a redesign for a while, that better suits me, the personality of the blog and makes it easier to read. So I want a new tagline to go with it. However, distilling a paragraph of something that you’d never say in public because it’s too embarrassing, is tricky! Thoughts on a postcard…I’ll repay you with love xxx


I want to read more – like lots more. However, I’m an insanely slow reader… Not anymore peeps! This week I did this really cool ‘mini-course’ (it’s basically a blog post with some instructions to follow) about speed reading, once I’d finished I could read 247% faster. No word of a lie.

Over to You

This week’s list was phenomenal – 88 awesome links – Aby and I were blown away by the response but hey what better time to join this lovely, inspiring community of bloggers than NY?! Your posts were predominately resolutions and goals and basically my favourite-ist type of post to read.

Featured bloggers

Now that we’re a week into our resolutions I thought The L’s Mum’s post “How to keep your New Years resolutions” was perfect – I’ve got a facial scheduled as my next treat!

If there’s one thing I love more than a list of goals, it’s a list of 40 goals… Kate from Yellow Belly Mum is turning 40 this year and here are the 40 things she’s going to do before it!

I love Gemma The Family Girl’s Look back at 2014 – looking back with photos and by month is such a great way to remember everything and see how much has changed too!

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