Our dishwasher broke a few weeks ago. I HATE loading and unloading the dishwasher!!!! But I always figured at least it’s better than washing up… I think it’s a combination of the fact that it takes ages to load and unload, and that it’s not totally in the kitchen, it’s just beside the kitchen in a little utility room.

Anyway, what tends to happen is I load up the side nearest the utility room and have a stand off with the pile until I literally can’t fit another thing on there. Then I inevitably give in (unless I’ve managed to keep the pile growing until Mike get’s home and he does it) because the pile has become too precarious or I have run out of plates/cups/glasses and then put the darn stuff in the dishwasher. Then I leave the clean things in the dishwasher until I have to reload it again. Why not fill it as you go along? I hear you asking. Believe me, I know it is ridiculous but I can’t seem to help myself.

Anyway, so the dishwasher broke, and I don’t know if it’s a novelty thing but I have discovered I like washing up. I would rather wash up aaaaalll day then have to fill or empty that effing dishwasher. Who knew?! I’ve got my little marigolds, and I do it as I go along through the day, with Reuben either in his highchair next to me so we can chat or clambering around my feet playing with pots and pans. OK, I’ve made it all sound a bit too good, I’ll take the rose tinted specs off now.

But with this in mind, and the post I did the other day about cleaning my house with non-toxic chemicals, I have been looking for a better washing up liquid. And, I’ve happened upon Ecover’s campaign to Clean up the Sea. Check out this neat infographic they’ve done to illustrate their point…

washing up Cleaning the seas, one bottle at a time

Cleaning the seas, one bottle at a time. Visit The-Splash for more information and to read Ecover’s pledge.

I can’t believe that 1 million bottles go to landfill in the UK every day. That is MENTAL! Anyway, as someone who lives by the sea and the floating rubbish, this campaign really appeals to me, so I wish them all the luck in the world with cleaning up the sea! And, what’s more the inside of the bottle is good too. This is what they say about their washing up liquid:

“Made from plant-based ingredients, Ecover washing up liquids leave no unnecessary chemical residue; what gets washed away biodegrades quickly and completely with minimum impact on nature, and you can even use the leftover grey water to water your plants.”

Cool! I recon I’ll be getting a bottle or two as I continue to shun the dishwasher.

What odd things do you like doing that would probably be considered strange?!