I was looking through an old note book the other day, while moving some books, and found a series of 3 sketches from a few years ago when I wanted to learn to draw. They were a tadpole, a tadpole with back legs and a froglet. I had copied them out of a ‘how to draw’ book so they’re nothing amazing but at the time, I really liked them and that was the catalyst for starting Frog Boy. It was just a few ideas seeds to begin with but after I listened to The Secret, I started to believe I could write a story and so it turned into a bigger seed which I finally planted.



I had forgotten all about that until I found the little drawings. I thought I had started FB because I had found some frogspawn with Reuben and my mum and we brought a little home to watch them hatch (then took them back to where we found them). That was definitely part of it; when I thought ‘wouldn’t it be funny if a tadpole turned into a boy?’.

It wasn’t the very start but it was when I finally put pen to paper.

So, I wrote about a girl who lived in a house, a lot like ours, and went down to some crags, a lot like the ones near us, and brought back some frogspawn to watch hatch.

One of them turns into a frog boy.

It was sweet and innocent even though he does whisk her out of the window on a magic carpet of tiny frogs.

Apart from that particular chapter where the tadpole turns into a boy, most of the story has morphed into something else entirely and is focused around the Bobby Shafto nursery rhyme.

I’ve also noticed that ideas are much easier to come by than I first thought was possibly. I pick up on little ideas all the time now.

I used to think writing a story and coming up with ideas would be really hard. And it is because even with ideas you still have to sit and do the work.

But the ideas themselves seem to be all around.

I’ve come up with at least 2 more book ideas from just chatting with people.

I can’t have had my ideas receptor up before now!