Bekki has shared her story of suffering Intrauterine growth restriction, which is, according to the NHS, where “the growing baby receives less oxygen and fewer nutrients than it should, which can affect development.”

Intrauterine growth restriction - Bekki's Birth Story

The result was both a surprise and meant an early induction for Bekki…

Intrauterine growth restriction – Bekki’s Birth Story

My second pregnancy was going great. I went for my 20 week scan and the consultant was not so subtle in suggesting I was overweight and given the size of my son (7lb 1oz at 41 weeks) I should be booked in for growth scans. I went for my 28 week scan and all was fine. I went for my 32 week scan and all was not so fine. My baby was only measuring 30 weeks and my fluid levels were low.

I had a Doppler which suggested my placenta was still working so they would closely monitor me. I went back the next day to see my consultant who diagnosed IUGR (Intrauterine growth restriction). I had further dopplers and scans and at 35 weeks the consultant wasn’t happy so admitted me to hospital there and then. I later thanked the not so subtle consultant for booking those growth scans as I may well have never known there was anything wrong.

I had 1 hour to go home get my bag and explain to my 3 year old I was off to hospital to stay (scared and emotional, the tears were uncontrollable!). I stayed in hospital being monitored and was induced at 8am the following Monday at 36 weeks (a week staring at 4 walls, hardly seeing anyone and missing my husband and little boy was driving me insane but I had my tiny one to think of).

Not much happened after the induction; a lot of pacing the corridors, trips to the canteen but nothing significant until around 6pm when my waters broke…my husband went home to sort out my little man and get some rest and I was given morphine and tried to sleep.

I woke up on Tuesday and all pain had disappeared! Because of the complications I was told I couldn’t have another pessary and would need to be put on a drip to bring on labour I waited until 5pm that night for a bed on the labour ward and that’s when the fun began…

The drip was increased every couple of hours but nothing was happening I was examined at 2am and my midwife (who is also a friend) said my back waters had gone but not my front and I wasn’t dilating!!! But if I could bare to let her try to break my waters things may start to progress. I agreed. Oh my god, I have never been so uncomfortable! I felt like her hand was coming up through my throat and then all of a sudden a gush and the pain started I went from 0 to 4cm instantly!!

Then the contractions came thick and fast in twos. I remember a lot of moaning I couldn’t do it, a lot of hanging off the side of the bed insisting I was comfy even though I clearly wasn’t! I managed on gas and air alone (brilliant considering I had a 38 hour labour & every possible drug on offer with my first labour!). Although I did beg for an epidural, I’m glad now I did it without.

And, then I felt the urge. My whole body went rigid (my friend/midwife got the light to check what was happening and shouted for gloves), my little ladies head was born at 5am with her body coming straight after at 5:01am. She wasn’t breathing so was taken to the paediatrician who got her going and checked her over. I was then handed my tiny 4lb 9oz bundle to cuddle.

Intrauterine growth restriction - Bekki's Birth Story

I was told my placenta was not in a great condition and it had been sent off for testing and her umbilical cord was white with only one blue line flowing through it…it was a good job we got her out when we did!!

We spent a further week in hospital. Baby was in an incubator as her bilirubin levels were high, she had an infection and she had trouble regulating her body temp and sugars.

Eleanor Rose is one on March 20th and it seems a distant memory of all the worry and the unknown. She is dainty and a little behind in development but is thriving and such a happy little lady!

Intrauterine growth restriction - Bekki's Birth Story

I nearly cried when I saw her birthday! It’s the same as mine! Happy 1st Birthday Eleanor Rose and thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Bekki xxx What a lovely little lady and fab story.

Did you suffer from Intrauterine growth restriction? How did it effect your pregnancy and birth experience?