For some mum-to-bes they have to wait and wait for their baby. And it’s a heart breaking wait. By chance Sarah, from Taming Twins, has been writing about her anguishing wait for a baby. It’s such a touching read and I’m so happy she ended up with 2! For first time mum, Claire (who also runs an amazing beauty and massage business in Bedford), she had to go through 3 rounds of IVF before finally getting her precious little bundle. This is not an uncommon story and in fact I have some close friends who have an IVF baby so I’m sure there are other mummies who can relate. I know I cry at all the stories but I was so consumed by Claire’s story that I wasn’t expecting what happened to happen; it was like a kick in the stomach. You have been warned. Get the tissues out.

IVF baby - Claire's incredible birth story

IVF Baby – Claire’s Birth Story

It took us a very long and heart breaking 5 years to get to where we are today. Three rounds of IVF and 3 miscarriages (1 of those a natural pregnancy) but finally 3rd time (IVF) lucky we hit the jackpot! To this day I still find it hard to revisit the roller coaster of emotions we experienced whilst trying to reach our ultimate goal of becoming parents, everything from desperation to excitement, anger and depression to complete elation.

So a very nervous 9 months, several scans, morning sickness, carpal tunnel syndrome and SPD later, we began the home straight! My due date was 7th October 2012, so on 4th October I had a midwife appointment. We had discussed at length the pain I was in through the SPD and how frustrated I had been with Braxton hicks coming and going, she agreed to try a stretch and sweep that day (not for the faint hearted!). Unfortunately she couldn’t do it and said my cervix was too far back and she would see me the following week as she didn’t think this baby was anywhere near making an appearance!

A very grumpy Claire stropped off to have my flu and whooping cough jab. I decided to take a walk with mum that afternoon and stomped about as best I could with my SPD strap round my hips.  That night the Braxton hicks returned so I rocked and rolled on my birthing ball convinced this must be labour! After over an hour it stopped abruptly; disappointed doesn’t come close!

I woke at 2am for the usual trip to the loo, nothing untoward to report! I woke again at 4.45am and thought uh oh I’ve peed myself!!! Off I waddled to the toilet only to discover a bloody show in my pants and a rather odd trickling sensation! “My waters have broken!!!” I shouted to my very sleepy other half, I then sat there, my mind blank, what happens now??? I rang the delivery suite who told me to come in as I was due in 2days anyway, they asked if I had any pains to which I replied no, as I felt fine. As they were explaining to me to take my time as a first baby can take ages, etc. etc. I felt a building feeling which began to hurt, I told the midwife she said rightio see you soon and hung up just as the mother of all contractions ripped through my body, it was now 5.05am.

This can’t be right, it’s supposed to happen slowly! I started getting my things together then 5mins later another one hit me! Then I threw up! 5mins passed and another one, then I threw up again! I told my other half to start timing them, 2mins another one, throw up, try to brush teeth, 2mins another one, throw up, get dressed, brush hair…..And so it continued until there was nothing left in me!

We got to the hospital just before 6am, my contractions stayed at 2mins apart and I was already 4cms dilated. They asked me how I wanted to give birth so I said I wanted a water birth. Luckily a pool room was free so I waddled down to the Acorn suite, 10mins after arriving I had gone to 6cms. This baby was desperate to get out! With every contraction my entire body tensed up, my jaws were clenched and I had to stand on tiptoes, don’t ask me why!

Finally I could get in the pool I felt the tension leave my body and each contraction felt concentrated to where it should be instead of everywhere else. I had lots of lovely gas and air and soon felt the urge to push. My beautiful son, Freddie, was born at 8.04am weighing 7lb12oz. 3hrs from start to finish!! Not bad eh?! I held him to me and kissed his tiny face, but Freddie wasn’t breathing and was very blue, they hit the big red button on the wall and a sea of midwives and the consultant came running in, she grabbed him from me and as she lifted him in the air he let out his first cry.. Panic over! Darren and I just looked at each other, both totally overwhelmed.  Then I began to haemorrhage, so the next hour consisted of stitches, more gas and air and Darren looking out of the window introducing his son to his world!

I finally got my boy back in my arms and was able to feed him. The most precious, most beautiful thing I have ever created. Freddie is now 17mths old and he is my world, I’m so lucky to have such a fantastic little boy who amazes me and makes me laugh everyday.  And after such a long wait to become a mummy I think it’s only right my labour was quick albeit intense.

What a story, thank you, Claire!! I COMPLETELY agree that it was definitely right you had a quick labour xxx

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