I first got to know Jade over a year ago through this blog and twitter as we were both excitedly waiting for the arrivals of our babies, trying to find our own positive childbirth story to pin our hopes on! A year ago today I got this lovely message from Jade on twitter:

“Hi Hannah, hope you all enjoyed Vienna 🙂 Millie was born Tues morning at 6.25am weighing 8lb! One happy smitten breastfeeding mummy here x”

Here is Jade’s lovely childbirth story – if you’re pregnant, keep reading this one over and over!! 

Jade’s Childbirth Story a Year on – Millie, Born on 23rd October 2012!

A year ago today, I gave birth to our beautiful 8lb baby girl. We already knew she was going to be a girl and we already knew her name was to be Millie but what we did not know was what way or how long she was going to take to get here. The most anticipated part of pregnancy.

Our due date was calculated for the 18th October and we knew we wanted it to just be myself and Steven for our special arrival and the thought process was if I stayed relaxed that would keep the baby relaxed and reduce medical intervention.  

With that in mind, Thursday 18th October came and went. On the Friday, Steven and I ventured to Las Iguanas for lunch and had our last official date as two. An Indian curry on the Saturday night still did not seem to have any effect (I put this down to eating them throughout my pregnancy and Millie will happily eat them with us now) and so we awaited our Monday 9am appointment with the Midwife for a stretch and sweep. With the usual humour from Steven and my own nerves building, the quick and slightly uncomfortable procedure resulted in a “1cm, have made good progress already” comment. We left full of hope and did some light shopping, the day passed and Steven left for work at 5pm as he was working nights at Heathrow.  A whole 45 minute drive away.

I felt some niggling, and a “feeling” that something was happening down there so got in the bath around 10pm where cramping was starting to wrap around my back. I telephone my Mum ( 80 miles away) and she advised I probably should not be at home by myself! I got out of the bath and telephoned Steven’s Mum to come over and keep me company while Steven was on his way home from work, “this better be the real thing” – don’t you just love men! We watched Coronation Street and I paced around the living room feeling a tightening in my back, it hurting more when I sat down. I called the local Triage at midnight and she advised the contractions were to be coming closer together and lasting longer for admittance. We telephoned back at 2am and got the go ahead to go in for an examination.

We arrived at North Hampshire hospital at 2.15am and were left waiting for what felt like an age considering the hospital was very quiet and seemed empty.. I think we expected the howling and distress we had seen on One Born Every Minute! Finally examined and was told “2cm, you can have some co-codamol and go home as we can’t check you again for 4 hours”. Slight disappointment from both of us, however I could immediately feel that the contractions had become stronger but got ready to go back home. On the way out, in true movie style, I leant against a post while the contractions took over. Five minutes later my waters broke in the car (sorry Steven’s Mum!) gushing like a river so after a slight panic by all then we turned around to go straight back to the hospital.

At approximately 3am I was put into a bath to manage the pain and found running the cold tap on the bottom of my spine helped, Steven told me I was shivering but it helped! After a while I experienced the pushing urge, a feeling like no other that your body just takes over your mind to do. The only way I could describe it was that something was either going to come out of my mouth or my bottom! Such a powerful urge that makes you realise your body was made to do this. I got out of the bath, and noticed some blood so Steven ran to find a Nurse. At 4.35am I was examined again and was told “you are 6cm, let’s walk down to the delivery suite!”. Being asked if I wanted to get dressed was like the most stupid question to me in the world. I was in labour, did I care if I was naked in the middle of the night in a maternity ward? No! I was very reluctantly put into a pair of knickers and a vest; all to come off as soon as we got into the delivery suite.

I was offered gas and air by the lovely Catherine (our assigned Midwife), and accepted. I had not written a birth plan due to wanting to keep the experience as natural as my body would let it and felt it was the best way to start. I was allowed to start pushing at 5.25am as I was 10cm, fully dilated, yay! At this point I had no idea what the time was but Steven held my hand and I pushed when told. Steven encouraged me during every contraction by saying we were one closer to meeting our baby. That same hand Steven offered was the one that was nearly broken at the point of the head crowning – my god that was the most painful point for me – and after exactly one hour of pushing Millie was born, 5 days late but she was perfect. I had tears, Steven had tears and Millie had tears. The only other sound throughout was the sound of the radio. We never imagined such a calm atmosphere existed in a maternity ward but it did for us.

Today our gorgeous girl is one; being cheeky, walking a little too confidently, has nearly 4 teeth, not much hair and loves chattering away. We have cherished every moment up to this point and naively can’t wait for what’s to come! We had a very positive birthing experience which I wanted to share, as we weren’t told of many when expecting, and I would experience it every single day if it meant meeting our girl again for the first time.

Good luck to all the expectant Mummies and Daddies!

Jade's Birth Story

Look at that lil face! (That’s also exactly how I look when I’m eating an ice cream. Weird)

Thank you so much for you beautiful childbirth story, Jade, and I hope you have a wonderful day with your lovely Millie! xxx