On Wednesday I caught myself in the lift mirror and this is what I saw. Fluffy hair, no make up, confusing clothing. All in all a bit of a frump.

Comfy but it’s not work-wear by any stretch. I panicked but then you would have as this is what had happened before the above mishap…

These are sexy times ladies! What I’ve realised this week is that I have more clothes than you can shake a stick at (especially thanks to Ania for giving me lots of maternity things!) so I can hardly shut my drawers and yet I’ve no idea what to actually put on! This is mainly due to the fact that I have no idea what still fits and can be classed as maternity clothes. So, in order to tackle this I have tried on everything in my teeshirt/jumper draw to get rid of the too small (there were about 30 t-shirts like the orange one above) and create my ‘things that go with jeans’ album.

The ‘things that go with jeans’ Album

The basics – please note that I have put this on purely for explaining a point not because I think it looks good (for example the boobtube is borderline see through). These tops are my new best friends. They are long to extend beyond the bump and seem to add more support so I feel comfortable.

1. Gray Vest (freebie from Ania)

2. Boobtube from Topshop (I also want to get this in black)

The jeans I have are – mothercare’s skinny jeans (from Ania), Baxter jeans from Topshop, and bootcuts from Next

For Work/Out and About – I’m probably quite lucky in that I can wear jeans to work so my work wardrobe is much the same as my play one.

Black Maternity t-shirt from Topshop (unfortunately in the sale, so it’s not online anymore), with green cardie and red cardie

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of this top but if you are looking for something to throw on for work, this is it – it’s long, stretchy and looks cutest with a little cardigan.

1. Red top (freebie from Ania) – I had initially thought my arms were too fat for this. It now I’m quite a fan.

2. Orange shift top from Miss Selfridges with lace detail on the back – I really like this with the boobtube, something for those balmy days and nice with a blazer and dark jeans for work.

3. Maternity jumper, with lace shoulder detail, from Topshop (again in the sale) – I find this top is already a bit short so a t-shirt or boobtube underneath will be needed soon.

Sailor Style jumper from Topshop: before (at 12 weeks) and after (at 26 weeks) – it’s nice and long, so I’m still enjoying wearing it.

A bit more cas. – this is perhaps more weekend wear (I sound like Graham Norton) basically things that I probably wouldn’t want to wear to work (but might).

1. White t-shirt (not maternity), Topshop – worn with boobtube and grey vest for added support (plus it looks better with the grey layer rather than just white)

2. Gorgeous Sailor t-shirt from best friend Alex a few birthdays ago

3. Beige t-shirt (freebie from Ania), which isn’t my colour but I love the material and like it with this little Primark cardie.

The unsure pile – I have a few things that I’m just not sure about but because they are big enough, I’m going to reserve judgement (esp the sleeveless ones for those balmy, hot summer days that are so clearly on their way).

1. Rainbow t-shirt (non-maternity), H&M – worn with boobtube. I bought this for my holidays and at the moment it certainly feels as though it should stay a sun only top.

2. Flamingo (oi!) t-shirt (non-maternity), Henry Holland –  worn with boobtube. It’s long, and will fit for a while but I’m just not that keen, I don’t think it’s very flattering. Perhaps due to the picture on the front?

3. Stripy jumper (non-maternity), H&M – this is my cosy round-the-house jumper but I feel it’s bordering on frump-ville Tennessee, so best with really skinny jeans.

That’s it. Doesn’t feel like much but my drawers now shut.