This is the fastest Birth Story in the west! Laura’s fast labour story is short but sweet and I’m praying that if I have another it will be similar. I dedicate this to Kate who is due in a few weeks and had what Lauren describes below as a “long, uncomfortable labour” – take hope, Kate, that this could be the same for you second time around! xxxx

Lauren’s Fast Labour Story

My second son Daniel was born on 17 December 2010; according to his dating scan he was a week late, but my midwife and I both calculated my due date to be the 16th, so I reckon we were bang on! My labour was so fast its actually a very short story! After planning a serene water birth, complete with a moving playlist, ready prepared on the iPod, the entire thing, from first twinge to having baby in my arms, lasted 90 minutes.

I woke up at 1.40 am with contractions coming every 20 seconds! But because I could talk through them and walk around, I was convinced I wasn’t in established labour! I rang the hospital who advise me to come in so they could check. I rang my mam who got a taxi up to our house, so that she could stay with my eldest son.

We hopped in the car to go to the hospital but all of a sudden the contractions got stronger. My husband took the hint and when I felt the urge to push, he had to zip through a red light completely panic stricken!

We got to the hospital, me still apologising that I probably wasn’t in ‘real labour’. A quick internal showed I was at least 7cm, to my delight, as I knew anything from 4cm onwards bagged you some pain relief! My husband asked about the water birth and the midwife laughed in his face, saying “by the time we’ve filled the pool that baby will be here!”

20 mins of puffing on the gas and air and 2 pushes later, out popped Daniel, with no need for any stitches, at 3.10am!

I feel that it’s very unfair that some women have to go through long, uncomfortable labours, and others get quick ones: however, I have managed to reassure lots of anxious first time mums to be with my lightening quick birth experience!


Thank you so much Lauren for sharing your super and super fast labour with us!

Did you have a long first labour followed by a fast labour with your second? Do leave a comment below and give us all some hope!

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