Hurrah for another week of #TheList with myself and my lovely co-host Aby from You Baby Me Mummy. How has your week been? I’ve been way more introspective and a lot less ‘off meeting celebs’ but it’s been a good week! This week I’m linking up 10 tips to Get Focused (especially off the back of 3 pretty good weeks…it’s easy to lose focus friends).

I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s links to #theList and my favs were:

Dad Blog UK’s Daddy, What did our family do in the war? – really reminded me that soon these family stories will be lost if we’re not careful.

Just Only Home’s Blog Link List Love  – she always links to some great post that are well worth reading!

I know it’s probably not the done thing but i wanted to give Aby a shout out to one of my favourite posts she has written…10 reason why parenting has improved my career prospects. Just on the money!

So, on to my list.

Real Life

After all the excitement of the last few weeks, I was finally home alone with Reuben! Inspired by the Mothers Meetup book I got at the Mothercare S/S press launch, I met one of my best mama friends and we braved the worst weather to go to…an art gallery called Baltic! That was an amusing bribe. “C;mon Reuben or we won’t be able to go to the Art Gallery” – he just looked at me like…So? Actually the Baltic is waaaaay cool, even without the ace shop and fabulous coffee shop! There’s an ace viewing gallery over the Tyne, a daaaaark exhibition that the boys loved, and a play room complete with boat.

The list 12 at Baltic

Over the weekend Mike was away so it was me and the kids! Sunday we went to the cinema…still not completely recommended with a toddler but he did stay where he was the whole film, even if it was whilst simultaneously shouting in a woman’s ear. She was thrilled.

The list 12 at the cinema

Monday was back on with work and then Tuesday, inspired by Mama and More to do some Yoga, I was ready to brave the creche again with Reuben. He hates the gym creche for some reason so I can’t go to Yoga and leave him like that. It messes with my shakras. For the next 2 weeks he’s going in twice a week, while I hover around in the cafe, ready to come and save him at a moments notice. I hate it, but if means he’ll be happy in a few weeks and I can do some Yoga, that would be pretty awesome. And then we can go swimming together…which is my other mission with him. I was a swimmer by the time I was 2 and half and given he hates it, I’m hoping to have a big turn around in this his 2nd year!

Blog Life

Lots to do and not enough time pretty much sums it up. But I enjoyed writing the 10 tips to get focused and I REALLY enjoyed doing the Mothercare Haul. It’s funny how you can stay up super late when you’re really into something!


As I mentioned previously, I’ve also been quite introspective this week with my motivational post and generally thinking about what to do next. The very next day my husband sent me a link to this podcast that had him up the day after he listened to it at 4AM!!! I kid you not, he was that ready to change and act. I’m only about half way through but I’d highly recommend a listen.

I also loved Honest Mums’ pro-blogger interview with Tots100. She’s a great friend and fabulous inspiration to me and this post (along with many of her other blogging posts) really highlights why she’s doing so well. Go get reading!

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