Unlucky for some…not us though as we had another fabulous week on the List. Aby and I are really, really enjoying this lovely linky, so please do keep hooking up with us and spreading the word on twitter and beyond! And even better, we are very excited that for The List week 13 we have been given a personal planner from Personal Planners to give away to one of you lucky listers! Personal Planners make the most amazing planners, you know how we love a good planner, which can be personalised in so many ways.  You can even add your own photos and special dates.  This means each one is truly unique and what’s more will work for you as you have designed it! The lucky winner will be picked at random next Friday!!

The list week 13

My featured bloggers from last week are…
JibberJabber and her cookery book clear out – I REALLY enjoyed this post in a way I can’t begin to explain!
Pouting in Heels and How to get ready quickly in the morning (and look amazing all day) – I thought this was going to be a joke but no! Solid gold, real, easy steps to follow to acheive exactly what it said on the tin!
Jo’s Nursery and A new better you – I love the honesty in this post and can relate to the ‘time to myself’ list!

So, on to my list…

Real Life

Well, I appear to have been on strike this week. Normally I can look back through my phone and it reminds me what I’ve been up to. It’s actually out of storage space so the highlight of the week was watching Reuben make his own train-track. As I pointed out on insta, as a former civil engineer, this was a proud moment for me!

The List week 13


This week I’ve been reading Steal like an Artist – I basically want to spend all my time reading this book and thinking and scribbling in my note book, but it’s not possible. A fabulous luxury when I can squeeze it in!

I’ve also been listening to lots of Tony Robbins stuff on podcast and Youtube, and trying to make time to really focus. I guess it’s a bit like meditation but your thoughts are more structured. Good stuff but I need to work on making sure I get at least 15 minutes a day to do it!

Your Turn! Linky and Rules

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