Aby and I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Yey! It’s 2015 and there’s nothing better than a sparkly New Year to get your creative juices going. So how was your festive period? Have you been totally over indulging (like me)? I don’t know about you but I am REALLY ready for the New Year detox, which will be very similar to my pre-Christmas detox!

But before we get to that we’ve got 2 weeks of fun to catch up on. Firstly though, here are my picks from the last List of 2014, which was our most popular List to date, so thank you to everyone who joins in each week, we love you! xx

In line with my resolution to be better organised, this post from Michelle at Bod for Tea was perfect timing! 5 tips for using Evernote as a Blogger

I love learning about Christmas traditions, so this post from Joanna, Mum in Search of Balance, about Christmas the Polish was was fascinating!

I always forget about Ted talks – they are free and AMAZINGLY inspiring! Erica, Let Why Lead’s post on 7 Amazing Talks for Purposeful WomenΒ is essential NY reading. Go get inspired!

On to my list…

Real Life

So from the last post of 2014, which I wrote 19th December, time has literally doubled and sped by. Christmas was a flurry of lemsips, naps (I got what Reuben had the previous week), presents and far too much indulgence. Christmas morning with Reuben was magical. Mike did an amazing job with the train track table thing (second hand so a steal at Β£80!). He LOVED getting and opening presents and by the end of the day he was totally in present opening mode, which was unfortunate as he had no more presents to open!

I got some bloody love presents including some fabulous Kate Spade stationary from my Best Friend, Alex, and a wonderful present from Aby who I co-host The List with!

It's New year! The List 17 is now live...

By the 27th I just wanted it to be New Year so I could get rid of all the Christmas clutter! It’s funny because this time last year we were in Egypt – we left on Boxing Day and I felt like we missed out on the Christmas Aftermath. Turns out I don’t especially like all that! I like to look forward and feel uncluttered by all the new things with nowhere to live and the tree which literally naked now, bare a few baubles, not a needle in sight! No, the needles are everywhere else throughout the house…Gah!

That aside, it has been sooooo precious to have time off with my gorgeous family! We’ve done lots of relaxing, playing Frustration (I’ve not won a game yet and it’s killing me), we went to the Panto (is was AWFUL but fun), and lots of laughing and eating. I’ve not done as much reading and writing as I’d hoped but it didn’t seem as important as spending time my peeps, so I’m certainly not beating myself up about it!

Blog Life

So, I’ve not written anything except my New Years Resolution post, which I’ve also linked up, but the biggest change is how I plan (being the operative word) to ‘do’ this blog going forward. Reuben got me a great book for Christmas called How to blog for Profit (without losing your soul). It’s awesome, he’s got such great taste! I’ve been learning lots and, although I knew it to be true (did you see Aby’s post on organising your blog?! That blew my tiny mind), I’ve been convinced that I must get more organised. Blogging is my hobby. Blogging is also my job. So I need to treat it more like a job and plan, plan, PLAN. That’s not to say I won’t continue to blog about what I’m interested in but more that I’ll use my time more efficiently so that blogging revolves around my life rather than the other way around. 2014 I was a slave to the blog. 2015 the blog belongs to me!


Tim Ferris is a HUGE inspiration to me at the moment, I’m learning so much and being really inspired by his podcasts and I’ve got all of his books on my reading list to get started with very soon.

I mentioned How to blog for profit before – really enjoying this!

Elle Macpherson…because she’s 50 and looks AMAZING.

Your Turn