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This week has been about getting back into exercise and interior design! Mike ‘found’ pinterest this week, “Pinterest is amazing!!” – why do you think I spend so much time there dear?! So we’ve been sharing boards and pinning everything from rugs to beds to lights to desks.

On Saturday we went to take my soon to be new car for a test drive to the Metro Centre and visited most of the furniture stores (my idea of hell – interior shopping with 2 kids – happy Valentines) and then sat in the car while Mike bought my flowers. I told you it was a good idea to have Valentines early!!

On Sunday we had our first taste of entertaining as both our parents and Mike’s sister’s family came for a visit. It turns out, once the kitchen was looking a bit more sorted, with a little more space and a cake (which Gabby and I made just before everyone arrived!), this reluctant hostess can actually enjoy having guests!

Country Kitchen - The List Week 24

Monday was a rotten day. Reuben had been sick through the night, and was very quiet and cuddly (that bit was nice). I was convinced I would be ill too – I felt exhausted from being up with him from 3 ish, so I think my mind was tricking me because I didn’t want to go to spinning class that night. Mike made me go and I really loved it! And, Happily everyone else in the family managed to avoid the bug and Reuben was back to his usual self the next day.

Poorly baby - The List 24

On Tuesday pancake day just arrived out of nowhere. And I nearly poisoned everyone by cooking the pancakes in a pan that, despite being washed, still had traces of … chilli in it. It was mainly the pan smoking that felt like we were being gassed but you could also taste chilli in the pancakes. Bit of a disaster really!

The rest of the week we’ve been enjoying half term. Gabby has made some lovely friends just down the road and they seem to run around the village, getting grubby and gossiping. It’s so lovely for her! We just need to find Reuben (and mum) a couple of mates too.

And I have been trying to work in and around looking after Reuben (how dare it be half term already, he’s only been at school a week?!) and unpacking. The pressure of trying to create a pin-worthy office is starting to make me crack!! Which desk? What colours? Argh!! Nice problem to have though of course and it’s going to be such a wonderful space to blog.

Blog Life

It’s been a quiet week what with illness and half term. I don’t know how all you SAHMs manage to blog and look after little ones! A lot less sleep I should imagine.

I did manage to write up the next instalment of the Castles Challenge, which is such a lot of fun to do. Cartington Castle was a right turn up for the books! I can’t wait to do some more castle hunting! Oh, and blogging!!

Cartington Castle - Northumberland Castles #4 - The List 24

Over to You

How has week your week been? Did you have a lovely Valentines? My cohost, Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, and I have really enjoyed last week which was another biggie at 107 link ups!! Here are my featured bloggers:

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