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The weekend started with a musical bang as it was all about the 6 Music Festival, which was awesome and you can read all about our experience by following that link!

6 music and The list 25

After a slow start (lie in until 8:15am everyone!!!!! I love Mike’s parents for having Reuben) on Monday we got back into the swing of things after half term.

On Tuesday Reuben was back in Pre-school for his second week and he seems to have totally settled in there. As I wrote in the Mums’ Days Facebook Group, I’m still working out when to give him his tea. He seems to be coming home completely ravenous and wants a full meal then at 3:30pm. We got some great advice from the mums and I guess it’ll just be a bit of a leaving curve as we get used to our new routine.

On Wednesday I met up with some mum chums and we went to a place called the Sausage Emporium – it promised so much but after trying 6 different dishes, I can say it was one of the most disappointing meals I’ve ever had!! Still it was lovely to see my pals and get a bit of an evening out.

6 music festival, sausages and The List 25

And Thursday we started our interior decorating…The lovely Neil and Harvey the dog came around yesterday to make a start on the dinning room. He’s now cursing my name as I want all the woodwork painting from brown to white and he spent all day yesterday just sanding down. Whoops! Hopefully some paint will be applied today…!

Blog Life

Ooooh it’s been lovely to get back to my desk (well the kitchen table while I sort out my office!) and do some work! Lots of lovely things in the pipeline, particularly pertaining to getting the house sorted. But also something rather dramatic that I’m excited and terrified about in equal measure! After my mate Claire got some amazing results and my other mate Jess did some encouraging to join her…I’m starting a 6 week body transformation on Monday with a local business called Elite Physique Fitness. Not strictly a blog-related thing but I imagine I will be sharing the journey and hopefully moving back into fitness-related posts, which was where this blog first started out!

6 music festival, home office ideas, and the list 25


Whilst looking for home office ideas I came across a wonderful blog called Mr Kate. She was kind enough to let me use her plum and yellow mood board and after a bit of reading-her-whole-blog I really enjoyed what I saw and was inspired by the fact that she’s brought out a book and the fact that she has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers. So down to earth and doing cool things. There, my inspiration for the week!

Over to You

How has week your week been? My cohost, Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, and I have really enjoyed last week which was another biggie at over 100 link ups!! Here are my featured bloggers:

Featured bloggers

Gemma the Family Girl – her tips on how to help your kids cope when their parents separate was wonderful and touching and incredibly useful for anyone going through that.

Snowing Indoors8 reasons not to teach your kids to read is brilliant, hilarious and rather beautiful in equal measure.

Life, love and dirty dishesAre you living with a chatterbox? Yes. Just yes!

This week Aby is linking 5 Things: I have learned from blogging and How to work with brands.  I’m sharing my aforementioned Home Office Ideas and Toy Organisation and Rotation.What will you be linking this week?

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