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This has been awesome. Busy, tiring in places but over awesomeness rules!

On Friday we went for another Castle trip, this time Elsdon. A funny little village which just happened to have to remains of a castle and a 14th Century Pele Tower that someone lives in. Only in Northumberland (obviously not but these ‘homes’ are turning out to be 10 a penny)!

The list 26 - Treats week!

Monday I started my body transformation, which means 3 times a week for the next 6 weeks I have to get up at 5:30am to workout! This was catastrophically timed as my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Alex, also came to stay for her final goodbye before she and her boyfriend emigrate to Japan, where she’s only gone and got herself a fabulous job! *sobs*

On Tuesday Alex and I went for a treatment at Matfen Hall, their Signature Back Ritual was out of this world. I think everyone should get one once a week! We had a leisurely time as we also made use the Spa facilities and spent some time in the Conservator looking out on the gorgeous views.

The list 26 - Treats week!

And on Wednesday we went to St Mary’s Inn for a wonderful afternoon tea (blog to follow of course!)… this was the main issue with my body transformation…It turns out that there is a strict diet to stick to, which I hadn’t fully appreciated until after I signed up! While for the most part I have stuck to it, things like “Afternoon Tea at St Mary’s Inn” don’t feature. I know, weird.

The list 26 - Treats week!

And, Reuben, aside from biting me on the back of the leg this week, has been lush. We went swimming on wednesday evening which was almost dreamy – our new gym pool has a glass ceiling and now I have a swimming costume I could join them. Another highlight was his Astronaut moment, which was created using an IKEA bin box in the recycling pile but literally impossible to photograph. He’s so clever and creative now and it’s lovely to watch!

The list 26 - Treats week!

Blog Life

I’m thrilled this week to be teaming up with Action for Children and Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children’s Books, to bring an exclusive World Book Day competition.

And the Giving Birth Series is back starting with Free Range Chick’s positive birth!


From time to time my husband reads something and thinks of me. I’ll get a tweet a bit like this one…

The list 26 - Treats week!

It’s a good job I respond well to tough love!! Joking aside, this is one effing brilliant and insightful article written by Stephen King. Very inspiring and I’d highly recommend a read: Stephen Kings’ “Everthing you need to know about writing successfully – in 10 minutes”

Over to You

How has your week been? My cohost, Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, and I have really enjoyed last week which was another biggie at over 100 link ups!! Here are my featured bloggers:

Featured bloggers

Mrs H’s Favourite Things – her post Cancer Research UK: workplace and teacher gave me goose bumps. An amazing post.

The Thud – Don’t Mum and Drive made me genuinely laugh out loud. This petrifying experience immortalised in words!

Running in Lavender – My Ebay House was a revelation – as we’re doing our house up, we really should be taking a leaf out of Heledd’s book!

This week Aby is linking Style Your Blog – Tips for a Pretty Effective Blog and The Best of: February.  I’m sharing an oldie; Spring Outfits – Building the Mummy wardrobe.What will you be linking this week?

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