Real life

My List 4 - Adrianos in Gosforth

We went to a Ball on Saturday night which was amazing but we didn’t take a single photo – I don’t deserve to be a blogger. But what I do have is a picture of this Carbonara.

It turned out that one the people in our group was Adriano, as the owner of my FAVOURITE restaurant, Adrianos in Gosforth. So on Monday I had to go and get myself some Carbonara!

My List 4 - Dry February

After January was such a false start, I’m doing Dry February instead (ending on 27th as we’re out with friends!) – putting it to the test tonight on a Girls’ Night Out.

My List 4 - Ukulele from Core Music in Gosforth

For ‘New Thing Friday’ we went into Hexham. It’s a village, right?

But up until today I’ve been too scared to brave it alone with Reuben. Turns out it is an absolute doddle to drive and park there and the shops are all in easy reach. We got ourselves a Ukulele (Reuben loves music so this is FIRST proper musical instrument!) and I can already play Let it Go!

Blog life

It’s my first week of trying to blog daily – already I nearly didn’t manage today’s as I’m meant to be going out in 40 mins!!

I’ve shared quite a bit this week from the launch of Stick Man (my cartoon crush – what am I on?!) to a double whammy about our Bridgestone press trip (see my vid from driving around the French Riviera in a classic car below) to Reuben’s new found independence! I’ve really enjoyed it.

I also had the last of this seasons Protest Facebook Parties – Resolutions Revisited – which went bonkers. But it’s making me seriously fall out of love with FB. It’s a love affair gone bad and shows me no affection (or post reach despite literally hundreds of comments on each comment thread!)…I need a new love affair I think!


I’ve been listening to a new podcast and it’s sooooo good. It wants to be, mind you, since The New York Times is behind it. Go have a listen to Modern Love, you won’t regret it!

Finally, I’m in love with Guy Garvey’s new album, Courting the Squall. Bloody lovely.

What’s your week been like?

I’d love to hear about what you got up to in the comments below. Or come and join the conversation over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall!