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I have been in LOVE with the sunshine this week, it’s been positively glorious in Northumberland, hardly a cloud in the sky, and perfect for finishing our Argos #familyfitness challenge (blog post to come!)!

On Friday Reuben and I did another Castle visit with Emily and Beau, this time to Tynemouth Castle – not in Northumberland, but I recon it would have been at one point, and it was a stunning day for a stunning destination!

sunshine and Family Fitness - The List 33 - at Tynemouth castle and Priory

We also met the kittens we’re getting. Gabby’s is called Tommy and Reuben’s is Archie…yup. I think we must be crazy!!

Kitten - sunshine and Family Fitness - The List 33

Saturday was  glorious and we finally got our bikes out! Gabby managed a 5 mile trip easily, and soon got used to being on her bike again. I can’t wait to go out again!

sunshine and Family Fitness - The List 33 - going for a bike ride!

And on Sunday my family came for lunch which was so lovely and I finally introduced Reuben to the Best. Game. Ever. Marble Run, obviously!

sunshine and Family Fitness - The List 33 - marble run

The rest of the week has been a sunny blur, with this being my glorious work station…

sunshine and Family Fitness - The List 33 - my sunny office!

…and from 3pm when I get Reuben from nursery we’ve either been on the trampoline…

sunshine and Family Fitness - The List 33 - going for a bike ride!

…or out the back reading books and playing in his tent!

sunshine and Family Fitness - The List 33 - going for a bike ride!

If it all sounds rather idyllic, fear not! We’ve also been battling with sleep – he just won’t settle at the moment, so the 7pm bedtime has extended to 8:30 or even 9pm, which is basically my bedtime as he’ll be up again any time from 5am!! He also refused to go on his first school trip to visit some lambs, which I found really sad.

Blog Life

Blogging is about to get really exciting as I’m off to Blogcamp tomorrow!!!!!! I’m so totally ready to see some of my gorgeous blogging pals, it’s been bloody ages. So, this week I announced my conference sponsors, Nuby, for Blogcamp and Britmums in June. Nuby were my first ever client so I’m thrilled they still like me enough to send me to two conferences 3 years later! We’re running a fab competition to celebrate too.

My most popular instagram photo this week was this one of my Northumberland Castles Challenge – I’ve been meaning to do this map since, well, January. And now I’ve done it I’m terrified!! How are we going to do them all?! Actually doing them is the fun bit, the hard bit is the hours of editing the photos and writing it up afterwards (I currently have 4 to do!).

sunshine and Family Fitness - The List 33 - Northumberland Castles Challenge


A letter to all fame seekers…This letter, hosted on the lovely Katie from Pouting in Heels site, is a really interesting take on fame and why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! I’ve been wondering about my own motives for my blogging career…do I basically just want fame?? I really hope not and this letter confirms why I need to think long and hard about it.

I’ve been working my way through the After the Jump Podcast by ace blogger Grace from Design Sponge. I loved this episode, Lessons from 100 radio shows and I think any parent would definitely relate to lesson 1!

Over to You

We had over 150 link ups last week – that’s another new record. Aby, my cohost from You Baby Me Mummy, and I are thrilled by both the popularity and the loveliness of it all. AND #TheList trended on twitter again last Friday – keep tweeting us your links and we’ll get our RT on!

Here are my featured bloggers from last week:

Featured bloggers

YogaBerryI don’t have time to… This reminded me of the quote “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce” – but Christines post actually gives some useful pointers to make better use of your day (specifically to fit in exercise) and be a bit more Beyonce!

Wave to Mummy10 things to do in London with a toddler – I love a good pilgrimage (Northumberland Castles anyone!?), so I think Sanna’s 10 trips sounds bloody lovely!!

Monkey and MouseWhen the naps stop – such a sweet post, with some great advice for coping when this dreaded event happens (not least because Jenny has TWO littles one!)

On to this week and I am linking  Hello Nuby! My conference Sponsor and Tips to enjoy the cinema with a toddler, and Aby is linking 25 Things About Me Vlog and How to help a fellow blogger. What will you link up?!

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