This post is called The List, which I host with Aby from You Baby Me Mummy. It’s where I talk about me week and encourage other bloggers to ‘link up’ their posts about their week or in fact any other ‘lists’ they’ve written!

Real Life

I can sum up what I’ve been doing this week in two word…. new kittens! Meet the kittens here.

new kittens - the list 36

I’ve literally spent the week staring at them. Watching them play fight, watching them play with their toys, watching them be cute and watching them sleep. It’s been quite therapeutic! And because of the beauty of the internet (thank you Claire!) we’ve discovered that one of them might not a boy but probably a girl! (Apparently male tortoise shells are incredibly rare so I’ve had a look, and while it’s difficult to see, I’m pretty sure I can’t find any boy bits!)

We’ve got an even newer member of the family, which might be my best friend…and get this, I ordered it on Tuesday evening, around 7pm and it arrived at 6:30am the next day. Crazy world!!

new kittens and dish washer! - the list 36

And we’re sleeping in a room without blinds or curtains as our bedroom is being decorated! Such a weird feeling!

new kittens and bedroom redecoration! - the list 36

And it was also our wedding anniversary on Thursday, so this post is brought post date night, so I’m feeling pretty tired! Here’s our 1st wedding anniversary post, written whilst I was 27 week pregnant, 3 years ago!


Over the weekend I had a negative comment about this here blog and was feeling pretty bummed out and not at all that sure how to deal with it. As serendipity would have it my next podcast to listen to was all about how to deal with comments with compassion and literally a step by step guide to what I needed to do next. I’d highly recommend a listen! (and thank you to everyone for your support on here and Facebook!)

Your turn

Last week was another big week! So many lovely new linkers and some brilliant blog posts. This week I have chosen the following bloggers to feature:

Featured bloggers

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On to this week and I am linking Meet the kittens and Family Fitness, and Aby is linking  38 Lessons For 38 Years and Making Old Posts Work For You. What will you link up?!

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