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I’ve been so consumed with the launch of the Mums’ Days Fit Club I literally thought I had done nothing else this week. Thank god for my phone because all this happened too…!


I arrived back in blighty to this gorgeous view over St Mary’s Lighthouse and the North East Coast, which was good because it took my mind off the feeling I’d been experiencing for the last 14 hours…that we were going to drop out of the sky.

The List 39 - flying over St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay

Mike and the kids arrived home soon after me but I was so tired it was pretty much straight to bed (after a Chinese and some wine, of course).


I was feeling pretty awesome and had a fun morning with the kids – selfies with kids and cats = difficult

The list 39 - cat and child selfie

And we all got crafty with my messy box, which I would highly recommend. I love it!

The list 39 - messy box from A beautiful mess


we went for lunch and also made plenty of time for cuddling…inside my cardigan!

The List 39 - cuddles


I got my head down and focused on the Mums’ Days Fit Club launch and prepping for the launch party!

Having said that… Radcliff and Maconie, of 6 music, were discussing Cheese Cake flavoured KitKats from Japan…the very same ones I had just bought for Mike and my other birthday girls back home. So they retweeted my picture of it – rather exciting brush with fame!

The List 39 - cheese cake kitkat from Japan


It started first thing because we still don’t have blinds in our room (it’s on my to do list, so will obviously NEVER happen) – this is 5am in our room:

The List 39 - 5am in our bedroom

And ended with a Game of Thrones catch up with my fella!

The List 39 - Game of Thrones


My new car arrived on a snazzy looking pimped up Mercedes van. Totally stole the show.

The List 39 - New Volvo!

And R and I continued to enjoy the sunshine after school with a picnic on the trampoline and some sun bathing.

The List 39 - picnic in the sun and on the trampoline, with sun bathing


Finally, this moment made us laugh as Reuben tried to look at Archie (who looks thrilled) through his telescope.

The List 39 - eye spy

Blog life

This week has been great. Loads going on with various projects but the absolute icing on the cake was the Mums’ Days Fit Club launch party on Wednesday evening. There was sooooo much interaction and people chatting with each other. The success was far beyond my wildest dreams – in fact I had drafted in buddies, including my lovely cohost Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, to keep checking in just in case it was just me and the ‘internet tumbleweed’!

I needn’t have worried and I was also able to give away 10 wonderful Protest Sportswear sets to some really happy people, which was awesome. The conversations are still there to be enjoyed, such is the beauty of Facebook, so if you’re interested in either the party or just Facebook Parties in general (this was my first!!) then head on over to the Mums’ Days page.


The #MDFitClub chat on Wednesday night DEFINITELY inspired me! So many people all pumped up to do their best to get control of their health, it was amazing to see and I can’t wait to see where this fit club takes us!

In a similar vane, we watched Pumping Iron and I’ve had Arnie in my head ever since. I had well over a week off the gym so this week has been hard going getting back into it. My arms still hurt from Tuesday’s workout…but what kept me going was using Arnold Schwarzenegger’s way of thinking, that this is an opportunity and every tricep dip or whatever else is getting me closer to my goal. It works but you may also barf now!

Your Turn

This is the part where you can join in and my co-host, the gorgeous Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, and I will head over to have a read of your list posts!

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LaraBeeUKStopping the Strops was lovely on 2 counts – firstly I’m glad it’s not just us (although R has been much better this week now he’s sleeping more!) and secondly because there’s some sound advice for dealing with it!

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