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We got back from holiday very early last Saturday morning. I didn’t care too much for the return flight times and our flights were delayed there and back…buuuuut Tenerife was amazing! So much time to relax and reflect and spend time with my wonderful family.

The very next morning we woke up groggy but there was work to be done as Reuben was having a Pirate Party (that he’s been going on about since June) the very next day and I’d done nothing except order some stripy straws and party bags! So I ignored the washing pile and got on with the planning and shopping and decorating and food prep.

The List 51 - Reuben's Party

Sunday was the big day, the sun shone and the kids were able to play in the paddling pool (after walking the plank)! Loads of fun and Reuben’s little face when he saw all the balloons and decorations was priceless!The List 51 - Reuben's Party

Monday was the first day I could start tackling the washing so naturally I decided now was the right time to clear out the Utility Room…Reuben was having fun with his Grandparents and I did still do 2 loads of washing. Honest Guv. Not pin worthy yet but a heck of a lot closer!

The List 51 - Clearing out the Utility Room

On Tuesday Reuben and I had a lovely day. We took ourselves into Corbridge to visit the Forum Kids Book Shop (unfortunately their site seems to be down but this is their Twitter), which I think is one of my favourite shops of all time. Not only did we turn up in time for story time (all about wolves – it was wonderful!) but I found a great present for Gabriella’s upcoming Birthday, and we also found the next edition of Littleland: Littleland Around the World. We’ve spent about 3 hours reading the book already, maybe more, and Reuben’s taken it to bed with him every night since. I think I should do a post just about the books, we love them so much!

Then in the afternoon, thanks to Youtube, I worked out how to attach Reuben’s trailer to my bike and we went out for a spin before meeting Mike for a swim.

The List 51 - Little Land and Bike Ride

Wednesday and Thursday I felt rotten, suffering from migraines and generally feeling flu-y and sick. Thankfully Mike has been around to help, but we did venture out for a paddle in the stream. We didn’t catch any fish though…I think a net is needed next time!

The List 51 - playing in the stream


I’ve read some great books on holiday and also watched a few fabulous documentaries. Highlights have been Stephen King’s On Writing and Surfwise a documentary about a surfing family of 11 who traveled and surfed and lived in a pretty small motorhome! I’d highly recommend!

The List 51 - Stephen King On Writing and Surfwise - great inspiration

Your Turn

Thank you so much to Aby, my amazing co-host from You Baby Me Mummy, for looking after things while I’ve been away. Also to Amy, Mr and Mrs T plus Three, and Katie, Pouting in Heels, who both Guest hosted – you are darlings! Katie hosted last week and she has sent me the following to list as her featured posts.

1. Is First time Motherhood wasted on First time Mums? – Mummy Tries. In Katie’s words, “It’s a belter!”

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Thank you to everyone who continues to link up with this wonderful community!

This week Aby is linking How to make your Klout score soar and I got 99 problems, or have I? and I am linking a post I wrote over on Live Love Blog: 5 tips for taking a Blog Break. What will you link up?!

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