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The List 53 - new glasses and a successful sticker chart

Saturday was Gabby’s Birthday and like a bit of a saddo I was very pleased with her wrapping – she got a mobile phone and to date the only thing she has sent me is…”Bye have a nice time enten loosers.” You’re welcome Gabby.

Tuesday my new glasses arrived and already it’s making such a difference. I had no idea the world isn’t a bit blurry!

Wednesday I started reading A Beautiful Mess’s book on photography It’s gorgeous and I’m looking forward to trying out all the projects.

Thursday we had real success with Reuben’s sticker chart for eating – he ate everything on his plate, broccoli and all. This is literally a miracle.

Blog Life

I’ve really got back into the swing of things this week – lots of fun new projects including an ambassadorship as part of the Castles project and also preparing for launching the Mums’ Days Reviewers Panel. I’ve had over 100 sign up, so it should be quite the challenge!!


We watched a documentary called Food Inc. I’m sure you’ve probably seen it already but if you haven’t you absolutely must! I was utterly horrified and I think it will change the way we eat in this house forever more. I need to do some more research into the UK market but I plan to write about it much more.

Your Turn

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