The List is a linky for bloggers to link up any of their list posts both old and new. I host it with my gorgeous buddy, Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, and we use it as our opportunity to list what we’ve been up to in our week, on and off line. Here’s my week in a nutshell…

Real Life

It’s been a bit of a week of new things and firsts! I’ve actually been feeling a bit down in the dumps, so it’s nice to look back and be grateful for everything I have and the wonderful opportunities.

The List 57

  • I picked up my new Tiffany & Co. glasses and I absolutely love them
  • On Tuesday we went to Disney on Ice, which was a first for me – so I matched my nails with my specs in Frozen blue
  • I made mayonnaise for the first time and it’s no where near as hard as I thought it would be
  • After about 6 months with nothing but underlay on the stairs – we finally have a lovely new carpet up the stairs and throughout the upstairs
  • We’ve also gone no nappies for day times!

Blog Life

Another first is the launch of the Mums’ Days Reviewers! It’s something I’ve been plugging away at for a while, as a somewhat disorganised person it’s been quite the undertaking but it went live yesterday and you can meet the reviewers here.

The List 57 - The Mums' Days Reviewers


I’m loving my new journal. I also enjoyed this BBC documentary looking at the changes in Agriculture in the 1960s.

Your Turn

This is your opportunity to showcase your finest list posts! Here are my featured posts from last week:

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Hiking with a Toddler – Mumbalance – Not the easiest thing in the world, having dabbled, but this should certainly help make it more manageable!

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This week I am linking Disney on Ice and Meet the Mums’ Days Reviewers and Aby is linking the best of BlogOn Win and amazing weight loss stories. We are also linking Pro blogger spotlight with Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy from our collaborative blog Live. Love. Blog.

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