Well, hello and welcome to another week of The List, which I host with the delectable Aby from You Baby Me Mummy. If you are a blogger and want to link up you list posts, you can do so at the end. If you aren’t a blogger, please read on…here’s what we’ve been up to this week!

Real Life

The List 62 - Christmas List and Neom Candle

  • We went to Preston Tower on the Castle Hunt last week. It was the biggest surprise of the trip so far, completely not what I was expecting – and there were loads of leaves to jump in around the Tower.
  • Neom sent me one of the Christmas candles, Perfect Peace, and I’ve been lighting it everyday while I work.
  • We’ve all written our Christmas lists and my office is now full of boxes from Amazon and friends! Getting organised y’all!
  • Our Cafetiere broke. I know, calamity.

Blog Life

The most exciting news came this week and after the success of my pre-summer campaign which reached over 150,000 people, I am brand ambassador for Protest‘s Winter Collection. They have challenged me to learn to Ski…waa!

The List 62 - Protest Ambassador


I love this inforgraphic of famous writers sleep habits vs their productivity!

Your Turn

And now comes your turn! But before we get there, each week Aby and I pick our three favourite blogs from the previous week. Here are mine:

Kanye West and I, Dad Blog – The amount John and Kanye have in common is staggering.

Do you suffer from the curse of the perfectionist blogger?, Slouching Towards Thatcham – The quick answer for me is no, but there’s a really good quiz to take!

Boost your concentration, Whimsical Mumblings – some really great tips that will help you stay focused and get more done!

This week I am linking  Yoyo Dieting – How to break the cycle and Heavenly Herb and Garlic Butter (sounds wrong but they do go together!) and Aby is linking 20 apps/tools to help your blog and Love Instagram? Join our #FierceLittleOnes community. We are also linking fall in love with your blog again from our collaborative blog Live. Love. Blog.

What will you link up?!

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