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boat making, bike tiding, garden in a roll - The List 44

  • The weekend saw sunshine and our village fair, which meant…the boat race. So in true last minute fashion, on Satuday morning we made a Barbie boat. Proudest moment in my parenting history.
  • We spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine and drinking cider in the sun!
  • Reuben has been super cute this week. He loves his bike and has found my stash of his toys (ready for emergencies), and this camera has been a particular hit…I wonder if it has anything to do with me always taking photos??
  • Yesterday I got a surprise in that my Brother was over from Japan ready to hang out for the day – I knew we were seeing him on Sunday, but this was an added bonus so I dropped everything and hung out with him in the sun!
  • The Garden furniture and the “Garden in a Roll” from Homebase arrived so we’ve been finishing off the garden! Can’t wait to show you. Mike’s done such a lovely job.

Blog Life

Aside from the Working out with Reuben video, and the Exercises to do at home (which includes another fab give away from Protest!!), I’ve also been busy thinking about the future and I’ve done a survey as I would love to know what you think I should be doing with this here site!

If you could fill in the survey (which is just 8 questions and quick to fill in), that would be amazing!!


Chinese Proverb and inspiring quotes - The List 44

  • The Chinese Proverb is taken from a book, called the ONE Thing. I’ve read and pondered over and scribbled and folded nearly every page over in it. I’ve also mentioned it on this site about 50 times, but I’ve finally finished it and I need to take out shares in it – I think it’s fair to say I LOVED it. And the author tweeted me this week. Hehee!
  • This second quote is from a book I’ve just started from the insanely awesome chaps at 99U, called Maximise Your Potential. It’s a series of articles about proper studies into success and achievement (my sort of thing then) and even just this first chapter has already blown me away.

Your Turn

What have you been thinking, doing, listing this week! My cohost, Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, and I would love you to link up and join this brilliant group of bloggers!

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This week I’m linking Exercises to do at home and, from Live Love Blog, June Favourites and Aby is linking  Are you ready to go pro? and How to strike gold in your work/life balance. What will you link up?!

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