This week I’ve been looking at what I’d like to do in the Living Room and Study as we prepare to have our whole house done up.

We are in the almost stages now where the builder, in true builder style, could literally show up at any time!

It has been a LONG time coming. I can remember Mike breathing down my neck 2 years ago to come up with ideas for the ‘new’ house! I would do some pinning on Pinterest to keep him happy but in all honesty, my heart wasn’t fully in it. I have to have a real deadline to properly get into something.

Finally, after 2 years of working with an architect, getting planning permission and listed building permission (the house is Grade 2*),  here we are on the cusp of starting building work. Things are starting to get real, so my ideas are too.

Living room and study ideas

Living Room and Study Ideas

The Living Room and Study both run off the main hallway, with the study on the right and, down the hallway, is the Living Room.

Living Room and Study ideas

We will be knocking down the hallway wall so that you walk through the Study to get to the Living Room, and the two rooms become a continuation of each other.

The carpets throughout this section of the house will be removed and the floorboards made beautiful. I can’t wait as the cream carpets mixed with our black pets means they need hoovering all the time. And I won’t mention the collection of stains it’s picked up since we moved in…

We’ve had a look under the carpets and fingers crossed the original floorboards will be great for this without too much extra repair work needed.

Living Room

The Living Room is a beautiful, panelled room which we are currently using as a TV and lounge. Going forward, the TV will be replaced with a piano and it will become more of a music or relaxing room.

Living room and study ideas

We’ll keep the panels and the colour inspiration for this room is light walls with a dark rug, matching the curtains and cast iron radiators.

Living room inspiration

Images clockwise from top: 1, 2, 3, 4

You can see all our favourite ideas, images and inspiration for the Living Room saved to Mike’s Pinterest board Home // Living Room.


This is currently called the Dinning Room despite us never having a dinning table in there. It’s also where I have my desk but I feel cheeky calling it ‘My Office’ because it’s such a nice room! But I do use it every day, so between you and me, it’s my office 😉

living room and study

This is going to become a study/library with a desk, bookshelf along one wall, wood burning stove and some comfortable reading chairs or sofas. I think it’s going to be my favourite room!

Here’s the inspiration board…

study inspiration

Clockwise from top: 1, 23, 4

I love the dark wood for the book shelving. I imagine this room being a cosy opposite to the living room, which will be mainly light and bright with elements of dark. The Study will be all dark walls with some kind of ceiling chandelier, and lighting on the shelves as shown in the second image.

Again you can see more of our favourite ideas and images over on my Pinterest board Home // Study and Library.

That’s it so far! I’d say overall, my main inspiration for interiors is from the Netflix series Abstract: the art of design and in particular the episode about Interior Design with Ilse Crawford (I’ve been getting Elle Design ever since). In the episode she talks about a hotel called Ett Hem in Stockholm and I just love the style of the place. I think a lot of what they have done there would look great in our house too. Stealing!