As the second part of our Love, Hate, Avoid pregnancy diet, now we come to hate…As I mentioned previously, I’m with the NHS on most things and if they say there isn’t scientific proof that something will harm baby, then the rule isn’t going in my list of things to hate. It will probably go in my Avoid list, which is when you can make your own mind up. As a result this list isn’t too long…


  1. Unpasteurised dairy or some types of cheeses – I LOVE blue cheese, squidgy cheese, smelly cheese, etc. But it is all out of bounds. Now I have never become ill from eating cheese, and I mean never. However, IF you were to become ill from this type of cheeses or unpasteurised milk/dairy, you would be in big trouble (baby-wise), and for that reason I don’t mind giving it up a jot. Plus, I also had that risotto issue when I was earlier in my pregnancy so I think you naturally go off the things that are bad for your baby…?
  2. Mercury – sounds obvious but give it a miss – it’s found in things like shark (damn, a favourite in our house), marlin and swordfish so avoid them all together. It’s also found in tuna but not in such high doses so you can eat up to 4 cans of tuna a week or 2 tuna steaks.
  3. Raw egg – I thought the link between raw egg and salmonella was just an Edwina Currie thing but apparently raw eggs (including things with it in, such as home-made mayonnaise, I shall have to save giving that one a go for another year!) are still off the menu. Again, I LOVE a good runny poached egg but I can’t say I’ve missed it. Another thing I didn’t know was that sprouts have also been linked with salmonella. Great to find out just after eating my fair share at Christmas…my sister-in-law even eats them raw but she’s not el preggo.
  4. Mud – regardless of any ridiculous cravings you might get, do not eat mud. It’s got bad bacteria in it, so also make sure you wash all your fruits and veg – mushrooms are probably the worst for this. And, go and see your doctor if you do want to eat mud, I’m guessing you are missing something from your diet!
  5. Vitamin A – Now this one was the most surprising. The minute I found out I was pregnant, I thought I should go and have a Berocca or something. Fortunately I didn’t as you can’t have any supplements with Vit A in as it can harm the development of babs. I am hoping it’s still OK to eat oranges as for a while they were all I wanted (visit to the Midwife on Tuesday so I’ll let you know). The main thing to avoid food-wise is liver (I did NOT know it had a lot of Vitamin A in) and, therefore, paté, which is off the list anyway for having a similar bacteria as blue cheese.
  6. Paté – Gutted, I love paté, see above.

So, there you go, my list of things to definitely NOT eat. It may go against your nature to hate them but try for the next 9 months. Foods to Avoid (or limit – it’s up to you) tomorrow.