Love is …Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are getting spoilt (either by your partner or yourself!) and you’re feeling the love.

I was woken up this morning by Mike sleepily saying, “You are beautiful and sexy. And clever. Definitely clever.” Whatever. Where’s my present?!

We are on route, minus the children, to London for a night out with my best friend and her partner. It’s going to be BRILLIANT. But in the pit of my stomach I have an ache having left Reuben, happy as anything with Grandad and almost too busy to say goodbye. He’s my little dude and while I’m sooooo excited for tonight, I can’t wait to see him again. Which is why this tagged blog from Beth is so fitting.

Beth from Betty and the Bumps has basically chain lettered me. She’s asked me to think about Love now that I’m a parent and if it’s changed. I’m paraphrasing as the original message from My Petit Canard was much more thoughtful! I loved what Beth wrote about this…it was so true! From not doing your hair to going out makeup less for months, these are the things we do because we love our little ones. And, here are my loves.

Love is

Love is…spending hours reading about weaning, making beautiful, organic, homemade food only to have it throw across the room x 1000.

Love is…getting a kiss on the lips. An actual kiss, with puckered lips *heart melts*

Love is…hearing the word “mum” from your little one.

Love is…not being able to watch or listen to The News because the world is too cruel to bare now.

Love is…reading the world’s most boring book over and over. Ditto singing the same song.

Love is…Eskimo kisses followed by little fingers pointing out the features of my face; our bedtime ritual.

Love is…sharing a bath with your baby and his sandwich.

Love is…sharing a bath with your baby and a sandwich #valentines

Now it’s your turn! How would you finish this sentence? Love is …? 

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