I’ve mentioned that we’re about to start doing the house up, so I’ve been sharing our ideas and inspiration, room by room. It’s as much about working out what we want to do (at the 11th hour) as it is sharing with you guys what we’re up to these days. So today I’m onto the master bedroom…

Master Bedroom inspiration

I’ve also blogged our ideas for the Entrance, and the Living Room and Study.

Before I get to our ideas, we now have an actual start date for the building work… 10th July!

Crap, better get ordering things. Stat.

Master Bedroom – plans

Master Bedroom

This is quite a big part of the works as we are removing walls, adding new walls and need full plumbing for an ensuite. The layout was made all the more tricky as there is a huge chimney breast that runs right through the middle of the house but our architect came up with a great plan to make best use of the space…

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Images clockwise from top:

  1. What will become our Master Bedroom is currently a spare room.
  2. We will be removing the stud wall and corridor, as shown in the plan.
  3. There will be a door from the main landing leading directly into our room.
  4. This is the view from the main landing down the corridor – the wall on the right, with the radiator and door, will be removed.

Master Bedroom Inspiration

You will then access the dressing room and ensuite (which is currently our bedroom) via an opening at the front of the house (which is where our current ensuite is).

Master Bedroom – Ideas

I must have been looking for ideas for this for about 2 years and you’ll see from my Master Bedroom pinterest board, particularly the colour palette, that I’ve gone through a whole range of ideas from pastels to blush and copper, and now this…dark and sumptuous.

Master Bedroom inspiration

Clockwise from top:

  1. I love the idea of dark all over but Mike thinks it’ll be a bit much – I did chose our bed (which we’ve had for over a year) based upon this image though. The article that this image is from, How to Bring into Your Dreams with a Dark Bedroom, is pretty epic if you fancy a gander.
  2. We have space for additional furniture, so I’ve been looking at ideas, such as these from an article minimalist ideas by Mother Mag, for adding in a sofa and coffee table.
  3. Once again I’m loving what Ett Hem do with their hotel rooms and suites. Overall great inspiration.
  4. This whole post from Coco Lapine Design is luscious, so perhaps a white/off-white ceiling will still ok?!

Aside from the physical work of knocking down walls and putting up doors, there’s not too much to do in this room other than decorate and buy a sofa/coffee table! Oh and maybe a fancy light as seems to be the rage in these images.

So as not to overwhelm myself I’ll share the ideas for the Dressing Room and Ensuite in my next house post!