Boy am I glad today’s nearly over, it’s been wholly disappointing. I spent most of the day doing something I really didn’t want to do, related to the business. As a treat in between meetings I popped into town to get a pregnancy bra fitting at Marks and Spencers. What the point of a bra fitting is I will never know.

Firstly, the lady measured me with a tape around the torso and then sort of just looked at me to determine what cup I might be. The answer that came back was you should still be a 34 DD. 20-30 of my bras are seriously claiming otherwise. Secondly, all the bras are made by different manufacturers so you end up trying all the different sizes on anyway to see what feels right. I’m pretty sure I could do this on my own. Finally, to top it off, Marks and Spencers have a policy that they recommend you only buy wireless monstrosities if you are pregnant. My lady was steadfast with this policy and proceeded to bring me said monstrosities one excruciating bra at a time and she was no spring chicken. So by the time I did find a bra that fit (a maternity bra, no less! URGH), I just bought the damn thing.

To cheer me up after that I decided I would go straight to La Senza to get an army of lovely wired bras in a size that suited my mood. I knew, much to my dismay, that La Senza had gone into administration from their website but I had hoped the shop was still bursting with pregnancy bra wonders (aka bras that are just a bit bigger than mine are now) to be bought for a pound or something. No. So, to add to an already rubbish bra buying experience, all that was left to do was cry while banging my fists against the door of the blacked out shop with a sorry handwritten sign stuck to it. “Shop Closed”.

I thought I had single handedly been keeping La Senza in business with all the goodies I had bought over the past few years. It makes no sense?? Mike thought I was making a big deal about it but I loved the place – when I first met Mike I had 2 greying bras but after a ‘hint-hint’ La Senza gift set from Mike, my eyes were opened to the marvels this place had to offer and my underwear draw was thus transformed.

I didn’t know what to do with myself so I went to Pret to buy a sandwich, even though I fancied a baked potato, purely in the hope that this would make the difference and Pret would live another day. I think there is nothing for it – I know everyone is skint but if you have a favourite shop, don’t go to Primark, they’re doing fine. Go to your favourite shop before it’s too late!

RIP La Senza, gone but not forgotten.

Blog update: Panic averted La Senza has been resurrected! Although it looks a bit different to me…