You’re probably sick of hearing about my boobs, but they are literally doing my head in! Whenever I go out to try and find a bra that fits I come home with a headache that lasts at least 24 hours and now they are beginning to impact on my ability to do exercise. I had to hold my boobs today every time I wanted to jump (thankfully I was at home) so that particular sports bra is destined for the ever growing post-preggo bag of clothes. The other sports bra I have is causing serious neck ache because the straps are too close together, meaning my neck has to hold up the 2 stone or whatever each of my boobs now weigh. That leaves me with one measly bra that is teetering on the edge of being too small.

Once again I’m on the maternity clothes hunt! Advice doesn’t seem to be too forthcoming for sports bras during pregnancy and google searches mainly come up with maternity (i.e. easy access to your boobs) bras, which I DON’T NEED, godamit.

Having said that, have come to the rescue with some sound advice –

During pregnancy or when breastfeeding you will need the maximum support available. In addition, your bust size will change throughout your pregnancy, so consider buying an adjustable bra to avoid frequent replacements.

Some women find that wearing a crop top over a sports bra is the only way to stay comfortable when running during pregnancy.

I’m cool with that – when searching for maximum support, look what I found at – a bounce-ometer, to show you what your boobs look like when you’re running with different support. I found this both a shock at first and then hilarious but then I’m immature…

Anyway kidding aside here are 3 bras I’m going to try for size and shock absorbancy…

1. Shock Absorber Run Sports Bra – £32. Designed as a running bra, I think this bra could be the baby for keeping the boys in their place.

2. Panache Sports Bra – £35. This is a bra with good support for runners. It’s a multiway bra, so offers a bit of flexibility. The only problem might be that the bra is underwired, which isn’t ideal later on but probably a crop top will be ok as I’ll be doing less jumping up and down!

3. Figleaves active – £25. This is a non-wired high impact sports bra and the only reason I’m trying this one is because a) it says the words ‘non-wired’ and ‘high impact’ and b) it’s cheaper than the rest!


If anyone has found any good sports bras that they are using/used during their pregnancy please do let me know!!