The last week or so has been C.R.A.P. With various things going wrong and knocking me off kilter, I’m a bit sick of it all. To take my mind off it, I’m going to concentrate on nice things, for example, I’m off in my hols in a couple of weeks and I really can’t wait! Although my bump is pretty lame, I’ve tried a few different bikinis on and they look awful! Love handle overhang, need I say more. I’ve already started to address the love handle issue with this post earlier in the month but, even so, I’m going down the maternity swimwear route in the hope that one of these babies make me look like I’m having a baby (and not like I’ve eaten one).

1. Spot Swimsuit – Mamas and Papas, £25

Not keen on the red strings but in general it’s a nice shape and you can’t beat dots.

2. Navy Stripe Halterneck Tankini – Jojo Maman Bebe, £26

I think this is lush and it’s a tankini so it can be rolled up for more sunshine.

3. Navy Polka Dot Swimsuit – Jojo Maman Bebe, £26

Again, love the dots.

4. Purple/Pink Reversible Band Bikini – Seraphine, £39

Bit pricey for my liking but Jessica Alba wore it and the band allows you to lift up/roll down to hide the bits you don’t like while still getting more sun. You can’t argue with those apples.

5. Belle Tankini Set – Figleaves, £32

There are more nice halter neck swimwear from places like topshop but I’ve chosen this set from Figleaves specifically because, aside from the fact that her boobs look lush in it, it has two straps. Halter necks can really hurt, well, your neck after a while. Plus, this has nice bottoms (like the ones above) so I can wear them with my black bikini top that does still fit. Bonus.

Happy holidays!