About 3 months ago I had an idea to start the Mums’ Days Reviewers. I regularly get asked to review so many products and I often have to turn them down as either my children are the wrong age or I don’t have time, which seems a shame.

The Mums’ Days community, particularly on the Facebook Wall, is built on shared experiences and supporting each other so I wanted to be able to offer mums real opinions on the products you might want to spend your hard earned cash on.

The Mums' Days Reviewers - meet the mums and hear their honest opinions on products aimed at mums and kids

As part of my summer survey, I asked who wanted to take part and over 100 mums applied! To be sure that the mums knew what they were letting themselves in for, I set a little assignment to review a product they have recently bought. The fab reviews will be published over the coming weeks but more importantly, please meet these lovely mums who are now officially the Mums’ Days Reviewers!

The Mums’ Days Reviewers


I’m Ally and live in the East Midlands with my husband, daughter (2 1/2 years old) and our cat, Rory. I work in London as a Publisher and try to use my commuting time to catch up on reading and making. I recently treated myself to a sewing machine and am looking forward to making things for my second child, due to arrive in early February. I love baking (either by myself or with my daughter), trips to the seaside, being outside and spending time with my family.

Mums' Days Reviewers - Ally


I’m Becca, a first time stay-at-home mum to a little girl and a parenting blogger. I also run my own baby gifts business from home, and I’m really interested in health and fitness as well as home-cooked food.

Follow Becca on twitter, @babycake4u, and read her blog, Mummy Daddy Mia, here.

Mums' Days - Becca


My name is Cath and I’m currently on maternity leave with Sam who is four months old ( Oct 2015) whilst trying to entertain his big sister Isabella who is 3. We live near the beach and like anything sparkly (Isabella), sucking our fingers (Sam) and chocolate (me). The other person in our family is Mark, Sam and Isabella’s Daddy. We promise our reviews will be honest, fair and well tested.

Mums' Days Reviewers - Cath


I’m Hannah, 29 and enjoying life as a country bumpkin with my husband, Phil, and son, Toby. I’m a freelance blogger, social media manager and copywriter with an unhealthy addiction to mocha lattes, bread and cheese and in my spare time (what’s that?!) I love date nights with Phil, spa days and long walks.

Follow Hannah on Twitter, @BuddingSmiles, and visit her blog, Budding Smiles, here.

Mums' Days Reviewers - Hannah, budding smiles


Hi, my name is Hayley, I am 35 and currently a SAHM to two Star War’s obsessed boy’s aged 6 and 4 year’s old. Since having my boys the days of painted nails and nice shoes are long gone, these have since been replaced with flat boots, learning every Star War’s character’s name and the ability to ride on my eldest’s  scooter all the way home whilst pulling my youngest along on his! I really enjoy cooking and baking, however my waistline not so much, I have just signed up with a Personal Trainer in a bid to get fit in time for the Christmas season….. wish me luck!

Mums' Days Reviewers - Hayley


I live in North Yorkshire with my husband, a two and a half year old daughter and three grumpy cats. I was late to motherhood and didn’t have Hanya until I was 37 and I haven’t ruled out having another!

I work part time in an office to pay the bills and I sometimes do a bit of photography in my spare(!) time. I’m not really fashionable, not that keen on vegetables but have a very wide taste in music.

Mums' Days Reviewers - Helen


I’m 31 from doncaster. My little family consists of myself, my husband, Trevor, and 2 sons Jake aged 3.5 and Toby 6 months.

I’m currently on maternity leave from my job in the NHS. Weekends are our main family time and we usually spend this visiting family or enjoying days out.

Mums' Days Reviewers - Jayne


I’m Jemma, a 23 year old stay-at-home mum from the West Midlands. I live with my fiancé, Steven, 6 year old son, Harvey, 17 month old son, Louie, and we’re currently expecting a little girl in December! I am a list writer, a NEXT obsessed shopper and run a small cake making business from my home kitchen!

Mums' Days Reviewers - Jemma


Hi, I’m Leandra, a 40 year old mum of one and step-mum of 2 teens. I’m a Business Analyst by day and a happy homemaker by night, I love weekends! We live in a tiny country village in Northamptonshire.  When I’m not organising a family project or day out I can be found finding new activities to do with my 4 year old, creating recipes, crafting or planning. I also love the paranormal – anything spooky!

You can follow Leandra on twitter, @larabeeuk, and read her blog, LaraBee UK, here.

Mums' Days Reviewers - Leandra

Laura C

In every day life, I am a secondary teacher in an all-boys school but I am currently embarking on a blessed year of maternity leave! In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit, reading, visiting new places (especially if it involves brunch!) and hanging out with friends. I live in Edinburgh with my husband, Mike, and three children, Ben, Katie and Thomas. Laura also writes the blog Edinburgh Life with Kids and you can tweet her here @ediwithkids.

Mums' Days reviewers - Laura CLaura P

Hello, I’m Laura, also known as Mummy to Rowan and Lala to most other people, which was the inspiration for my blog name. I have recently just turned the BIG 3-0 which scares me a little. I’m engaged to my fiancé, Alex, after being together for 11 and a bit years and we live in Hampshire.

As I’m a stay at home mum, with a background in marketing and a journalism degree, I decided to start a blog to try and keep me sane, keep the old grey matter alive and keep my creative side flowing. In my spare time, when I’m not being a mummy or a blogger, I love to read, listen to music, nap and look for cute baby/toddler items for Rowan.

You can follow Laura on twitter @Mummy_Lala and visit her Blog, Mummy Lala, here.

Mums' Days Reviewers - Laura, Mummy Lala


My name is Lauren ,I’m thirty one and married to my husband Chris. We’ve been married for 4 years but we have been together for nearly 14 years now as we met at sixth form college! We have a two and a half year old son called Reuben (Reubie) and I am pregnant with our second child, due in february just after Reubie turns Three.

I work full time as a manager at a well known food chain and I love it. However, after I finish my maternity leave this time I will be going back part time, which I can’t deny I am very much looking forward to! It’s so hard to balance work and motherhood so I will be looking forward to spending more time at home with the children.

I love baking and I have become a bit of a crocher addict! I’m also an instagram addict.

Follow Lauren on Instagram and visit her blog, Cotswold Mama, here.

 Mums' Days Reviewers - Lauren


My name is Nicki and I am mummy to Sebastian who has recently turned 2. Originally from Newcastle, I moved “down South” in 2003 (just for a few years…) and now live in South West London with Sebastian and my husband Tom.

In an attempt to pay off our mortgage I work 4 days a week as a software developer for a catastrophe modelling company and outside of work I love to hangout with my family and friends, eat out (not as much as I would like), shop (I am a serious Amazon addict!) and fix up our house and garden DIY style.

Mums' Days Reviewers - Nicki Moody


My name is Petra and I’m a mum in my late twenties. I’m Swedish but live in South Yorkshire with my English husband and our daughter, born in 2014. I love children and would like a big family so I’m sure we’ll be expanding our family soon. I look after my daughter full time and work from home at the same time. I have lots of experience working with children and I love finding – and reviewing – great items for babies, children and mums.

Follow Petra on Twitter, @amumreviews, and read her blog, A Mum Reviews, here.

Mums 'Days Reviewers - Petra


My name is Rhea, I am 34, married to my best friend and have 4 wonderful children.

After 4 and a half years of difficult fertility treatment I had my eldest little girl – Izzie at the age of 31. Izzie is now a bright, clever and beautiful 3 year old. At the age of 32  I gave birth to the gorgeous Georgie, a massive but wonderful shock and at 34 I had an emergency section to deliver my very early but very welcome (trust me another positive pregnancy test was a shock, but the 12 week scan floored us!) twins Freddie and Lottie. My life is mad hectic and mostly filled with poo, puke and play but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Back in the days when I could leave the house without being covered in chocolate or porridge in my hair, I was a HR and Payroll Manager. But for now my life is perfect just the way it is. Now, where are my marbles 😉

Mums' Days Reviewers - Rhea

Sarah B

My name is Sarah and I’m a mum of two girls, Ava born in 2010 and Eliza born in 2012. We live in East London with dad, Ryan, and our two cats, Elsa and Ana (I know!).  I’ve given up my job in London theatre to be a stay at home mum. My interests are blogging all things family related, especially Pinterest as well as travelling, reading, crafts and cooking. I have recently spent my time fundraising to replace our local playground.

Read Sarah’s articles, including Baby Bonding, Bottle feeding and her Birth Story here

Mums' Days Reviewers - Sarah Boud


I’m Tanya, 31 from Oxfordshire. I am a stay at home mum to Bella (4) and Leo (1). My husband works abroad a lot so we like to make the most of family time by having days out, baking/cooking, and crafting.

Tanya - Mums' Days Reviewers


My name is Tracy and I am 30 (plus a few years) old.  I live in Liverpool (but support Everton!!) with my wonderful husband and my two fabulous kiddies. I am currently a stay at home mummy but used to work as an Assistant Management Accountant in a local University (yep I can add up pretty well).  I love spending time with my family and friends, eating out, music, reading and morris dancing – no not the banging sticks at country fairs type of morris dancing – this is a bit more like cheerleading – trust me, it’s a northern thing, ha ha!

Mums' Days Reviewers - Tracy

You will be able to read the Mums reviews of the weird and the wonderful very soon. To see the latest reviews, be sure to keep the tag, Mums’ Days Reviewers, bookmarked!