26 days ago I started something that seemed utterly crazy but might just work. I started doing The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. My friend, Clare, had recommended the book to me ages ago, so I bought it on Audible and then promptly forgot about it.

In between books, I finally remembered to listen to it last month as I was driving. I quickly decided it was awesome and totally up my street, so I started the very next day.

Miracle Morning

As I said to my friend Cath, who I bought this book for for her Birthday last month, this is a real cheese on toast book. But if you’re willing to listen to the message and give it a try, I think it could be a winner for so many different people.

The premise is to get up an hour earlier than you normally would so you can start your day in a really positive way and work on self-development when you might not otherwise have the time.

I would say don’t just take my word for it because Hal offers many tools to help you take this from painful to do able to brill.

Here’s how I’ve found the first month (in the form of my diary) and the 6 reasons I think it’s awesome.

Day 0

I listened to the Miracle Morning while driving, which I found really interesting. I think it’ll be a great way for me to start my day right. I’ve tried to do something like this before by saying I’ll get up and read for half an hour. It hasn’t worked – it wasn’t compelling enough.

I also used to try and get up and write first thing…but that was nearly always under pressure, so I would do it because I had to rather than because I wanted to.

For me to get up an hour early, I will set my alarm for 5:30 and I would like to do the following:

  • 10 mins exercise – Yoga
  • 30 mins journaling and writing ideas
  • 20 mins reading – currently the Creative Habit

Day 1

Well, I did it! It’s 5:55am!

Weirdly I woke up at 4:50, then had a cuddle with Mike and woke up again at 5:40…I was just about to roll over and go back to sleep when I started to think about what I could be doing this morning.

I can’t remember what the motivating thought was – something to do with stretching? Or perhaps something I wanted to write, but anyway, I felt awake and wanted to get up and do something. So, I did 10 deep breathes (Forrest yoga style) some side stretches and a few other exercises good for pregnancy.

And now, here I am ready to write! I’m thirsty though and hungry and I need my glasses. Note to self: leave a glass of water, glasses and an apple for tomorrow!

Then I wrote most of the post about the garden

Day 2

I must have woken up about 3 times last night, each time anticipating my alarm and thinking it must be time to get up. I think I was excited!

Then Reuben got up just after 5 and I was like nooooo! I don’t want to lose my Miracle Morning!! So, I’ve ended up getting up 20 mins early just in case he reappears. It’s now 5:37 and I haven’t seen him again yet.

This morning I got up and had a glass of water (still hungry now though) and grabbed my glasses and book. I’ve done 20 mins of yoga. It was nice! 20 mins at any other time might have felt like a drag but maybe because I was aiming for 10 mins and kept thinking, I’ll just do this and then that. Plus it was really calming and felt like I was doing my body good at this time in the morning. Strengthening ready for baby while waking myself up.

Day 3  

After I finished writing yesterday morning, I sat on the sofa around 6am with a blanket and my book. Reuben came padding in, got on my lap under the blanket and cuddled in. We had the most lovely chat.

I asked him how he was feeling and we talked about me not being there on Thursday evenings (I go to my creative writing class). I just tried to explain that it was important to me to be able to go because I was learning how to write stories. Then we sat and chatted about each of the people who also go to the class and the story they had written that week. He found it very funny and we sat laughing and chatting. In the right mood that boy will laugh so easily and is such a joy!

The wrong mood is another story!!!

This morning is Saturday and I was very tempted to switch my alarm off but I’m glad I didn’t! I did some more yoga. It is a lovely way to wake up – quietly and peacefully and more than anything, I think it is that that makes me want to get up. I don’t get long though from 5:30 as I can already hear Reuben or someone padding around by 6…

Day 4

Well here I am again – even on Sunday! I’ve spent 15 mins on yoga and I’ve been looking at my affirmations, collecting one from Hal’s own affirmations about fear and worry.

I’ve also dug out my visualisation board this morning (I created this after reading The Secret a year ago) but I think it needs some work.

Ah there’s Reuben the monkey!! 6:01. I think I need to start getting up early if he’s going to appear at 6!

Day 5

I set my alarm for 5:15 but woke up at 5:10 (weirdly my alarm has never once needed to go off, I always wake up before it), so I switched it off and gave Mike a quick cuddle. He whispered, Happy Anniversary. It took me a second or two to get what he meant. Whoops!

I like to think that I would have realised once I started writing this journal…!

I go on to journal about our wedding day and my memories…

Day 6

I think I might be hitting the “this is less fun” stage of my new habit! I still woke up 5 minutes before my alarm – how does my body do that?! – but I’ve struggled a little this morning.

I thought I’d switch it up a bit and I did an 11 min guided meditation on concentration, then I looked at my vision board for a few minutes (really needs work!!) and finally my affirmations.

Hmmm, I don’t feel like I’ve got much to say this morning. I know I’m going to stick with getting up, so I can at least pat myself on the back for going through the motions, even if they don’t feel amazing right now.

Day 7

For the first time my alarm went off this morning – I had to drag myself out of bed! It’s very motivating having Hal’s words going around your head though – if you don’t get up, even once, you’re allowing failure (not sure that’s a word he used – perhaps, the option to fail/lack of discipline) to enter your mind and it’ll be harder next time.

I’m glad I did get up – I enjoyed my yoga and affirmations, and now here I am writing again.

I feel I’m getting on quite well – doing this and thinking about creativity. I’ve even had the confidence to reopen Frog Boy (this is the book I started writing last year – working title!!). I quite like it! If I could write even just 200 words a day, that would make such a massive impact over time. I’d also like to show it to more people.

Day 10

My alarm woke me up with a start this morning. I quickly turned it off and as I was getting up, Mike asked what day it was.

‘Tuesday.’ I said with conviction.

‘It’s Saturday.’ he said.

Oh yeah! Lol! Makes little difference to me now I’m a TMMer. Heh heh.

This morning when I was trying to be quiet I was mainly thinking about Frog Boy. I’ve had so many new ideas since starting the Miracle Morning.

Day 11

I’ve reverted to waking up before my alarm this morning but I’m surprised I managed to get out of bed! Feeling pretty tired after a big family BBQ last night.

But I’m up and I’ve done my yoga and affirmations. There doesn’t seem to be much going on in my head this morning though!

It’s 11 days on the trot for TMM!! It should get easier again soon. Not that it’s that hard but I’m tired first thing and letting the ‘shall I lie in’ thoughts enter my head.

Day 12

My head feels blank again this morning!

I journalled a bit about the previous day but then go on about all my new ideas for Frog Boy. So not totally blank!

Day 13

The Miracle Morning has made me want to write again. Somehow, despite not working, the day can quickly get carried away with itself. But now, I find I’m more focussed and motivated. I’ll set aside some time to work on my book.

At the moment I’m only committed to doing 200 words at a time. I’d say everyday but it’s not quite worked out as often as that – but I’m also researching ideas as I go along. Yesterday I spent ages learning about sharks for one of my characters. They have 7 senses so you’re literally screwed if a shark wants to find you – they can work out which direction you are in just by their smelling sense alone!

The key is that without the miracle morning, I wouldn’t have made much progress. I think I would have looked at it because I’m really enjoying my creative writing course, but I don’t think I would have got much further. Now I’m having ideas all the time!

Day 14

I seem to be in the flow now.

I’m not quite ‘looking forward’ to my yoga so much but it’s becoming a ritual. Something I do to kick start my Miracle Morning and once it’s done I sit and write.

Day 15

It was still a bit tricky to get up this morning – I often wake naturally around 4:45 but getting up before 5 just seems wrong! I dosed for 10 more minutes thinking, I should just get up, and then, rather than fall back into a deep sleep and be blasted awake and disturb Mike, I did get up. I feel fine now though after 5 mins of breathing and 15 yoga.

Day 16

I’m glad I’m doing this journaling because it’s so much better for seeing what you’re achieving.

I had an underlying feeling this morning that I’m behind in something. I know it’s because I haven’t blogged this week or been particularly ‘showing my work’. But it will come.

I am reading, coming up with stuff for the house, I did some work on Frog Boy/my creative writing homework, etc. so I’m making progress.

Day 17

I mixed it up a bit this morning and got up at 6 instead of 5/5:15! Such a rebel. We were up late last night as we’d been at Tanya’s party so I thought I should have a bit of a lie in. Unfortunately that only gave me 20 mins before Reuben was finally up, so he’s been up having breakfast with me for the last 15 minutes and now Mike is up!

Day 18

Bank Holiday Monday! And I got up at 4:45am. I wouldn’t have picked it but with only half an hour before my alarm goes off I thought I’d just crack on so I don’t disturb anyone else as we’ve got a housefull!

Day 26 – Today!

And we’re back in the room…

I’m now on Day 26 and Day 18 was the last time I wrote about the logistics of The Miracle Morning and how it’s affecting me. So I think I must be fully in the flow now. Just something I do, yo.

Hal does say in the book that from about 21 days you’ll feel totally in the swing of things but to be sure to keep going for the full 31 days. Just to make sure the habit becomes ingrained. Happy to do that!

Miracle Morning – What I’ve learnt

“If you work on something a little bit every day, you end up with something that is massive” Kenneth Goldsmith (from Show Your Work by Austin Kleon)

I think key things that I’ve noticed from doing the Miracle Morning are:

  1. I like my family more in the morning! Sounds bad because I really love them, but because no one is waking me up before I’m ready (which was every day prior to starting this), I’m genuinely pleased to see them and ready to connect in a much more compassionate and less grumpy manner. Reuben and I have had some lovely mornings together. Including weekends pre-7am!! Unheard of.
  2. It’s helping me to identify what is important to me and how I’m going to achieve it.
  3. I’m motivated to get the things I want to achieve done – and because it’s daily I’m feeling less pressure for anything I do to be amazing or even that much. A little bit everyday (see Kenneth Goldsmith’s quote above).
  4. Journalling is allowing me to clarify, digest and resolve things that are bothering me before anyone else is up, so I’m not inflicting any unresolved misery on my loved ones.
  5. I’m reading and learning consistently
  6. I’m noticing and making a note of things that spark inspiration so ideas seem to be flowing much more easily.

So that’s where I’m at!

Have you ever read the Miracle Morning? Do you practise your own version of it? Would you be willing to give it a try?

I asked on the Mums Days Facebook page and Joanna said this…“I do it pretty much every morning. If I don’t, my day does not go to plan. I generally get up at 5.30/6 am or at least an hour before my son and have time for reading/gratitude/journal etc. It’s the best thing I ever started doing for myself!!”

I’d love to hear what you think about the Miracle Morning – even if you think I’m nuts! Please leave a comment below or come and join the conversation over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page.

Miracle Morning

How you’ll find me most mornings sub 6am – wrapped in a blanket doing my Miracle Morning. Nuts but love it!