I mentioned in my first post my ‘mission’ for the months leading up to the arrival of my first baby, so before getting stuck in I thought I’d elaborate a wee bit to explain my plan and priorities.

a) being healthy and happy in time for the arrival of my baby in August

This is my number 1 priority and my plan is pretty simple to be done daily:

1. Exercise for 30 minutes a day – I’m not talking back breaking sweat-out but studies show that exercising when pregnant is good for me and baby. I’m not a mega exerciser but I did exercise before I was pregnant and I enjoy it. Plus, I’m hoping it’ll help with ‘The Ultimate Issue’ (TUI) of having a healthy pregnancy and baby, AND not gaining too much weight…I’ll be sharing my exercise plan, put together with advice from my doctor and my gym BUT Remember if you are pregnant go see your doctor before you start doing the same. 

2. Plan healthy meals each week. Again with TUI in mind, I’m trying to make sure that we’re eating balanced meals (tricky with Mike as he’s decided he’s not eating lunch anymore – fallouts ensue most weekends when I have to remind him that pregnant women definitely do need lunch, as do fully grown men!). I wasn’t entirely sure what a balanced meal really entails so I’ve been having a hunt to establish what to love, hate and avoid while pregnant. I’ll share my findings tomorrow.

3. Doing things I like everyday – like seeing my friends (unfortunately, after setting up a business 2 and half years ago I’m ashamed to say this went by the wayside but this year it all changes – plus my cousin is pregnant and I found out today one of my favourite friends is 6 weeks preggers too!), reading and writing, and enjoying my lovely family. I think this should also include pampering things that make me feel good (getting eyebrows and bikini done, that sort of thing that has been long forgotten!).

b) the money one 

This is my second priority and I should be doing more on this than I am at present but closing the business actually happened a lot quicker than anticipated so organising paper work has reigned this week. Excuses aside, this is the plan:

1. Making some money – I’m currently reading a book by Paul McKenna about how to make money and I want to have worked through it by the end of January (30 minutes a day) to come up with loads of ideas and hopefully money! I’ll let you know how I get on.

2. Get a job – pretty much that. I have a number of potential opportunities at the moment so I’ll be working on my CV tomorrow!

c) streamlining my life

This is my lowest priority but it’s still important to me and will ultimately contribute to achieving my top priority.

1. Close the business – as I mentioned, this is happening quite quickly, still lots to do to tie it up but lots is already done, which is one less worry bead.

2. Declutter my stuff and generally sorting out the house – my husband will be delighted! You would be ashamed of my heaving wardrobe full of clothes I never wear. It’s time to make space for a baby!

So, that is the plan, ultimately it is about healthy pregnancy (both body and mind) and I will be referring back to this post from time to time to explain what I’m talking about. But that’s enough background, time to talk about something more interesting starting with TUI in mind eating.