This week’s Mums’ Days Fit Club is all about motivation. At the launch party and during my research for this series, many many of you said how you really struggle with Motivation. Fitness motivation, motivation to eat well, etc. etc. and you wanted to know how I motivated myself to get out of bed at 5:30am 3 times a week for 6 weeks!

So I’m going to tell you two quick (ish) ways to get motivated today.

Motivation - how to get it and keep it! Mums' Days Fit Club

Before I get to that, a couple of notices. Firstly, next week, 1st July at 8pm, will be the Mums’ Days Fit Club catch up party on Facebook – oh how the weeks have flown by! I hope you can join the party so we can spur each other on to reach our health and fitness goals!

Secondly, there is still chance to win a gorgeous and rather fabulous Protest workout set, scroll to the bottom of the Goal Setting Post and fill out the Rafflecopter (it’ll be obvious what I mean when you see it!). Good Luck!

Now on to…


1. Stand up for yourself!

I find motivation comes predominantly from my head and the voice I use to talk to myself. I have a few different ones but ultimately it comes down to the naughty voice and the nice one.

The nice voice is planning for the future, coming up with ideas, being proactive and kind. It finds your favourite bits of your body and enjoys other people’s success without getting upset. It whispered words of encouragement when you’re tired and want to give up.

The naughty voice is mean, lazy, brash and loud. It’s out to sabotage your best efforts, to make you feel inferior and not worth the bother. It points out your flaws, how far you’ve got to go, how you’ll never be like {insert goddess here} and tells you there is no point in trying.

As you can imagine, the words we use and the tone of voice, play a big part in finding motivation to reach our goals.

Motivation - how to get it and keep it! Mums' Days Fit Club

Amy Poehler talks about this in her wonderful autobiography, Yes Please, and she has some amazing advice about how to take charge. The nice voice is often, well…too nice and it’s easily over powered by that naughty voice. Amy’s advice is basically to give the nice voice a hand.

So when the naughty voice is busy pointing out your flaws, you have to shout at it like you’re defending your best friend.

Naughty voice: ‘Your thighs look so fat’

Me: ‘Hey you! Leave Hannah alone! She’s alright!’

I love that and as crazy as it may sound, the minute I can hear my naughty voice raise its ugly head, I give it a stern talking to. I also become my own cheerleader when I’m really struggling with a workout. Honestly, try this next time:

Come on {Insert your name}, YOU CAN DO IT!

Say it over and over again for that last set of sit ups or 10 secs of plank or minute of spinning. It really works!

When you’re trying to achieve something, it really is so important to take control of your thoughts and tell your head what it should be thinking.

Having said that, there having been times in my life when I wasn’t able to think a single positive thought, so please don’t for a minute think I’m telling you how to cure depression. That is something else entirely, your pain is real and my heart goes out to you.

If you don’t have depression but you are generally feeling a bit down about yourself and lazy, maybe try this – give your naughty voice a telling off (feel free to swear) and let your nice voice have a bit of space to breath, think and plan. Go back to the goal setting post with your nice voice and approach your goals and intentions as a team. Which leads nicely onto…

2. Visualisation and planning

I think I’ve mentioned planning in every Mums’ Days Fit Club post so far! But it’s the one thing that makes all the difference in my opinion. You are planning your success and you deserve this, so make time for it!

Motivation - how to get it and keep it! Mums' Days Fit Club

Speaking of one things, The One Thing is a really helpful book about how to achieve a set goal and do it really well (I’d highly recommend a read!). In it the authors talk about “goal setting to the now” and I’ve found the process helpful for all sorts of things from my work to getting Reuben to eat vegetables!

It basically means that not only do you need your end goal in mind, in fact on paper so write it down, but you also need to work back from that goal in stages to identify what you need to have achieved at each point. So, as an example I’ll work through my goal:

End goal – lose 10 lbs

Monthly goal – stick to eating plan

Weekly goal – Plan delicious food for the week ahead and make as much in advance as possible

Daily goal – workout for 15 to 30 minutes

Now – workout and/or don’t eat that cake!


You can use this process to breakdown even shortterm term goals too. For example, your goal might be to introduce exercise first thing in the morning, it won’t look like the above but here’s the process broken down:

End Goal: Get up half an hour early to workout

In bed the night before: GO TO BED EARLY. Set your alarm and as you fall asleep imagine yourself jumping out of bed, excited to workout. TELL yourself you are going to get up in the morning and that naughty voice had better p*ss off or you’ll be having words.

Before getting into bed: Lay workout clothes on the floor or in the bathroom so you can throw them on straight away. If you’re going out to the gym, get your bag ready with everything you’ll need so you can just grab and go without worrying where your water bottle is or your gym card.


Do you see what I mean?

It might seem a bit obsessive but you want to workout, right? If you spend this much effort getting yourself ready and preparing for success, you can’t very well then press snooze and turn over. That would be ridiculous! And that in itself creates motivation – you’ve worked and planned for this so you’ll be damned if you’re not going to see it through.

Motivation recap

1. Tell the naughty voice (you know, the one who tells you not to bother working out, that you’re ugly and you don’t deserve it) to sod off and start defending yourself like you would a best friend.

2. Actively plan for success by visualising your goals and planning how to get there by working backwards!

How do you find motivation when you seem to have lost it?

I’d love to hear your tricks and tips for getting in the zone! Either comment below, join in the conversation on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page or tweet me @mumsdays with the hashtag #MDFitClub.

Mums' Days Fit Club and 2 ways to get motivated TODAY!