It’s my blog birthday, which makes me want to sing “a very happy un-birthday to me! To you!”

And to be fair it makes sense that I do sing it to you as well, because this isn’t just my blog anymore. With over 40 Birth Stories and articles written by the Mum’s Days community, this is definitely much more of a group effort so…

Happy Blog Birthday everyone!

To acknowledge that this blog isn’t just about this mum anymore, I have subtly changed the name from “Mum’s Days” to “Mums’ Days”. Get it?! The power of an apostrophe! It’s a shame I can’t change it to Mums’ and Dads’ Days but it’s not as catchy!

Here are my highlights from the last year of blogging…


Since I started writing almost 100,000 people have popped by to have a read and this has accelerated to visits from over 10,000 of you a month!

Mummy Tummy

In February I embarked on a challenge to lose my mummy tummy with a Personal Trainer called Dan. This resulted in my most popular post by a mile, How to Lose Your Mummy Tummy, which has had over 25,000 views mostly thanks to Mr Google! A massive thank you to Dan and Sound, Mind and Body for their support in putting that workout and video together, and you can see my weightloss after pregnancy journey with Dan, here.

mummy tummy

Blog Break

lake windermere

By the end of July I was feeling a bit down and lost, and didn’t know what I wanted for the blog. So during August, after our holiday to Lake Windermere I took a whole month off. It was the best idea I could have had (or taken from Kate to be exact!) and did me the world of good to spend time reading and thinking. By September I was raring to go and I seriously think it was the turning point for Mum’s Days.

Mum’s Days Facebook Page

After my blog break, I decided it was time to grow the Facebook Page community from the 400 likers it had. Thank you to Nuby, who massively helped this process by giving me lots of lovely prizes to give away during October. As of right now, there are 1,201 likers!

I LOVE this page and am proud to run something that has managed to attract a bunch of level-headed, non-outwardly-judgmental mums and dads, who regularly offer advice and support to each other and me.

Thank you to everyone who takes part, whether you’re a chatterer or not – you are a constant source of inspiration and the first people I turn to when I’ve got a problem or a question, or even just a haircut.

Birth Stories

The other big change that came out of my blog break was birth stories…who knew they were so popular?!

I did a quesitonaire during the break and it was suggested numerous times that people wanted to read more Birth Stories. I was dubious. I knew I enjoyed writing my own labour story, very therapeutic, and it’s a fantastic post to have but who would want to share such an intimate and private story with me? Then I started getting messages through the Facebook Page, saying ‘more birth stories please!’

Who am I to stand in the way of public demand?

I put out a call and within a few hours I had dozens of stories, enough to publish 2 a week for 3 months! And they keep coming, which I am so chuffed about.

To honour this I have put together a Giving Birth page that is a Directory of Birth Stories and has pride of place on my Menu! Please do share it with anyone you think it might help, whether they are trying to come to terms with their own birth or are preparing for giving birth!

Would you like to contribute to Mums’ Days?

If you would like to write an article, do! Every Mum and Dad is an expert in something because of their child, and you might be able to help someone else with your experience. So, don’t be shy! Send articles or ideas to

I guess all there is left to say is…

Thank you for reading my blog and I look forward to another great year with the Mums’ Days community.