Well, while we’ve been contemplating nap time, last week’s Mums’ List was the most active ever, almost! Old friends popping back to say hello, that’s what I love about Mums’ List, and I really enjoyed hearing what’s been happening in all your lives, so thank you xxx

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Real Life

This week I feel a bit manic and I feel like I’ve been a really shit wife. I’ve been working really hard on blog work, up early and working late, which leaves very little time for Mike. Thankfully we’re off to Brighton tomorrow, where Mike will spend the whole time at a conference, but at least when he is free I can see him!

Reuben and I had a really fun and busy day on Tuesday starting with IKEA (I want to get rid of the piano in the dinning room and get this ‘blogging bureau’ to keep my stuff in!), then the park, then my cousin’s, THEN swimming! We normally do one thing in a day, so it was totally liberating not bothering to try and get him to sleep in his cot. I think, nap time has finished in the Parker household (not for me of course!).

end of nap time - Mums' List 18

Blog and social media

We’re into July and I like to look back at my stats and social media stuff to see how the month has gone. £40 later and unsurprisingly, Facebook has grown the most (May to June it grew by 40, June to July it grew by 487…). However addictive that may be, for the time being it’s certainly not feasible to keep pumping money into Zuckerberg’s bulging wallet!

In other news I’ve finished my media pack and I’ve been invited to speak at 3 events, including taking part on Monday in a Huffington Post chat on their HuffLive channel. Terrifying!! But as my best mate said yesterday, “the conference really lit a fire under your butt”.


Once again, inspiration is all over at the moment. I have a MILLION tabs open on my computer to posts I want to read such as, this one about blogging and journalistic best practise and I still really want to read some more of the Britmums round ups

But in terms of me and normal life, I’m feeling a little less inspired so I’m hoping a bit of Brighton will sort me out!

Your Turn!

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