Every week I sit down to write this and think, gosh I haven’t done anything. Thank god for an iPhone (and the fact I take the odd photo) and this blog or my life would just pass me by! Thank you to everyone who linked up last week it was great catching up with you all and a special mention and cyber cuddle for Becky from 3 Princesses and 1 Dude, who had a very traumatic experience involving a bead…a lesson for all of us there!

Real Life

I’ll start with the exciting things…

1. I got my first death-threat on twitter from Vicky of Around and Upside Down fame – it’s a good job I translated it or else I wouldn’t have even realised!

2. I peeled an egg in one go – people have been trying to tell me this is as satisfying as peeling a satsuma/orange in one go. It’s just not, it’s a LOT harder (I’m an expert, you see)

3. I got some lovely Laqa & Co “Lip Lube” (ooh err), the crown jewel of this month’s sea themed Birchbox, which matched my Geleration nails!

4. Gabby had a brilliant time with her dad going surfing again (and looks great in her wetsuit – I, on the other hand, look like The Penguin, to quote my best mate)

5. We visited my family for the first time in AAAaaages and everyone enjoyed a bit of fishing

6. I spoke at the OPR #Ocademy event in a Q&A panel with some other fabulous bloggers; Jen from Mum in the Mad House, Sarah from Sarah Bosson, Sandra from The Chicest and last but not least, Graham from Soult’s Retail View. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was great to finally properly meet Jen of The Mad House!

Mums' List 20

Blog and Social Media

I’m seeing a direct correlation with how much I’m on social media and traffic to my site but I’m struggling to find the time! What do you prioritise conversing on say twitter or joining in with Linkies? – what would you say is more important comments or traffic?! I’m an incredibly slow reader so sitting down to read and comment is a big deal for me! Which makes the next 3 Tuesdays slightly terrifying as I will be manning the #AllAboutYou Link while Zaz is on her holibobs. I love this link, there are loads of wonderful posts linked each week, but yes, reading and commenting on each one will be quite the undertaking (there were 43 links this week!).

The other thing that I’m getting to grips with approaching people with ideas. I’m in discussions with 2 companies at the moment for things in August…more details coming soon but the main message is don’t be afraid to ask. We’ve all got something to offer that people want!

Other news…I’m running a competition to win some chalkboard paint with your painting ideas AND I’m on the hunt for guest posts for August, please do me one if you can!


I was feeling really overwhelmed with all the things I had floating in my head and what to do first and Honest Mum pointed me to her post about Pushing Through Self-Doubt, which was great and really interesting. But it was actually this post about her tips for creative success that helped me get my sh*t together! These posts are relevant whether you’re a blogger or not!

And this Guide for how not to Talk to a Pregnant Woman really made me giggle!

Your Turn!

How has your week has gone? Please do link in your lists (or any other list posts you’ve written this week)!

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