It’s Mums’ List time and we’ve been enjoying some lovely summer days! Thank you to everyone who took part last week, I loved them all obviously! But if I had to pick, I particularly loved Hannah’s post (I love a good smooch) and Ang’s post on her routine with Joss her 2 year old, made me realise I need to work on this with Reuben, I think he’d enjoy a bit more structure (and so would I as he’s starting to get a bit (read: lot) more testing)!

Real Life

Another busy week with plenty of sunshine and sea and/or water in some form and ice cream. But not so much Mike as he was working all weekend!

Summer days - Mums' List 22

1. On Saturday I went to get Gabby and we had a quick bit of alfresco lunch before braving the Sunderland airshow. The red arrows were amazing!

2. I took the kids to the beach on Sunday. They both love it so we were splashing and digging and eating sand (with our chips and biscuits) for hours.

3. Then Mike turned up just as it was starting to rain a little so we went home and made a duvet pile and watched the Lego Movie. Reuben sat still for all of 10 minutes but it was still nice.

4. On Tuesday we had a lovely day at Alnwick Gardens – playing in the water and Gabriella really enjoyed dressing up… but if you got  my newsletter this morning, you’ll know the morning was somewhat stressful!

5. I also started back on my juice diet and feel 100 times better already (and I’ve lost 4kg) in just 3 days…I don’t know why I mess around with other diets. This is the one for me…although I’m very much looking forward to lunch with my best mate Alex today at Zen!


Building traffic has been the name of the game this week, lovely mysterious traffic! I found this post on SEO useful but in general I need to do a lot more reading around the subject.

I’ve been experimenting with an FB ad and while my likes are going up, it’s not making a huge impression on traffic from FB so in all honesty that is just ego. I’m going to experiment with some different ads next week but ultimately 60% of my traffic comes through organic search so I think it’s time I focused on that (hence the seo stuff)!

Otherwise, I’ve really been enjoying working with lots of lovely people on putting together a schedule of posts for my holidays. And I’ve been blown away by the number of women who have got in touch regarding the abortion post. It’s really moving to know that people trust you and want to share their deepest feelings. A hidden, wonderful side of blogging that I never expected when I started out.


This post is as hilarious as it is inspirational…that’s how to write a blog post that goes viral people! It’s a rare treat when someone shares one of my posts from the Mums’ Days FB wall but this one had over 33 shares when I last looked!

Susan’s post on having no.2 is incredible – the amount of obstacles families have to overcome to have more children is insane. If you’re a woman who wants a career it seems that there basically isn’t a right time to have kids, especially if you want more than one and you believe age/fertility isn’t necessarily on your side (although you are definitely still young Susan! xxx).

The women (and occasional man) on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall are just lush. I just love how open, honest and non-judgemental they are. And a fount of all knowledge! Honestly, ask them anything and I bet you someone will have an answer that’s worth reading.

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