It’s week 4 already. Cripes, April soon. I loved reading everyone’s Mums’ Lists last week. From Grace’s HILARIOUS selfie tutorial to Susan’s list of all the things that are seemingly in my head…! Ooh and we had a newbie too in The mom next door – welcome! Top marks go to Beth for a) commenting on everyone’s posts and b) starting her new series The Simple Life, just as she said she would! And last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ang xxx

If you’d like to join in with Mums’ List, here’s what to do and how to do it! On to my list…

Real life

  1. Mike left for Kenya to climb a massive effing mountain for charity. Thankfully I’ve spoken to him today so I know he’s made it up and back down.
  2. Reuben had an eye infection. I cut his fringe and you can tell. And, he grew over night. Literally. The pyjamas I put him in yesterday now don’t fit!
  3. Reuben and I saw my Grandparents, which was lovely. We don’t see them often but Reuben felt like he knew them and even held Grandad’s hand (he never does that for me!)
  4. I lost and refound the tabasco. Panic averted
  5. Finally, sad news, I used up the garlic from Mums’ List #-1

So a fairly slow news week!

Mums' List Link Party

Blogging and social media

I’ve been thinking for a while about how to improve traffic from Pinterest. I’ve grown my likers this month from 555 on 6th March to 766 last night…but my general traffic hasn’t increased. My own pins don’t get repinned that much despite me spending a lot of time on Picmonkey creating masterpieces (their words). My most popular pins and click throughs come for simple photos with no text on them…?! However, I have a feeling that traffic from Pinterest grows with time as people hunt around. Time for my motto: It’s a grower not a shower! So, perhaps I’ll keep an eye and have a proper review in say 6 months to see what’s working.

Anyway, I’ve worked hard this week on my Easter Egg Hunt Cake blog (inspired by Grace’s Mums’ List #1) – Monday night baking, Tuesday night taking photos and eating, Thursday afternoon editing photos and pulling the blog together! So, while my photos need to get better, I’m still quite pleased with the result and I would massively appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind pinning a picture to your Easter Pinterest boards! Cheeky.

On that subject, this was my most popular Instagram this week, which I did in…you guess it! Picmonkey.

Mums' List Link Party


I’ve been engaging a bit on the Britmums forum and got some lovely advice about how to grow this linky. I’d recommend popping any questions you have on there. It’s a quieter forum but everyone seems lovely! I also really enjoyed this post Saturday vs blogging.

My most popular post continues to be Mummy Tummy and had 2.2K hits last week (!) – my theory behind this, which I forgot to share, is that it gets a higher page rank because of the videos. Apparently blogs with videos do better SEO wise? I can’t remember the science but I would really like to do more work with video. But I feel like I want to do it properly, which therefore means doing a course, buying equipment, etc…? In the meantime I loved this little tutorial video from Oh Joy! I’ve been stalking her this week and I want to be her when I grow up.

Over to you!

What does your list look like? Link below and don’t forget to add the Mums’ List badge to your post and visit some of your fellow linkers!

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