Welcome to week 6 of Mums’ List! How’s April going? A bit fast for my liking…Here’s my Mums’ List #6, Easter hols and toddler duvets!

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Real life

Mike’s Home! That was a lovely little reunion. And Reuben insisted on his dad carrying him for the rest of the day (unlike when I went away for a weekend and he was so cross he wouldn’t even look at me for the first hour!)

This week I discovered the hard way that it’s the Easter holidays so I didn’t have any childcare (except for my beloved in laws who took Reuben on a lush day out on Tuesday!)…it’s actually remarkably easy to fill a few days though as Reuben still sleeps from about 2-4  most days, so I’ve enjoyed it but missed not blogging as much.

Mums' List week 6 - toddler duvet week

In other news I introduced Reuben to his toddler duvet! He kept getting out of his sleeping bag in the night so I thought this would help…he’s yet to get the hang of it though.

Getting the hang of his toddler duvet

Sorry – blurry first shot in the dark…

Getting the hang of his toddler duvet

..which then woke him up!


The biggest thing for me this week has been to set up my newsletter survey, which I blogged about yesterday. I WILL have a Newsletter by the end of the month, but I’d really like it to start off well, so if you could take a minute to do the survey for me, that would be ace!

 Click here to take the survey

This week has also been about revamping the blog a bit – I really want to make more of The Giving Birth Series so Mike and his team have been looking to see how we can make it more searchable…hey, I might even give a sneak peak in the Newsletter!


 I’m quite light on inspiration this week but need some (inspiration, that is) to help me feed my son. This week the only savoury food he has eaten is scrambled egg and toast or a sandwich! I’m considering getting someone involved. No idea who, I guess a local version of Annabel Karmel? Any thoughts?

On a more positive note, I’ve been looking for fun activities to do with Reuben. I just LOVE this peek-a-boo family tree idea and have had Mike printing out hundreds of photos of our family! I also love this free pin-the-eyes-on-the-Easter-egg game from our very own Mums’ Lister, Ang and will be giving it a try today.

Finally, with all this talk of toddler duvets and moving to a big bed, Angie who shared her birth story last week, pointed me to a post she wrote about her son’s Montessori Bed…I’m very tempted to buy this book this book now.

Your turn!

How are your lists shaping up?
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