Research time! I’ve been mulling this over for a while and in fact it was one of my goals for February to start a Linky.

I have a blog crush on Katelyn Brookes and in particular I love her Starred this Week posts where she does a little recap of what she’s been up to, what did well on her social media channels and what she’s been reading. It’s all from her perspective, which is small business/blogging/motivational/creative/etc. and I love it. I asked her if she fancied doing a Linky so I could basically copy her and get away with it by linking back! But instead, she gave me her blessing to start my own and even came up with the name: Mums’ List! I really am that devoid of creative ideas.

I guess the inspiration behind the Mums’ List weekly post would be a time to reflect:

  • what we’ve been up to as a family; any breakthroughs, the highlights!
  • if anything has done particularly well on the blog or pinterest in terms of hits
  • highlights from the regular Q&A which I now host on the Facebook wall, it is literally better than google now for answers!
  • my favourite articles from the week, which could be anything from parenting/toddler activities to blogging to just plain motivational and awesome…

So my question to you, lovely reader, is: Does this sound like something you would enjoy reading every week?

And my question to you, lovely blogger, is: Does this sound like something you would like to join in with?!

Here’s my Mums’ List for this week to give you a little taster!!

Mums’ List

This week has been a weird one! The week back after school holidays always is I guess, and it’s literally taken until Friday to get back into the swing of things. I’ve just had a look through the photos I’ve taken on my phone and there’s isn’t really any I would share, apart from this on of a massive garlic that we got in the veg box! Each clove is the size of 4 normal ones…I stink. 

Garlic Linky

The rest of my photos are basically of beans as I embarked on my how to lose a stone by my birthday quest and you can see ample photos of beans in that post so I shan’t bore you with more!! Reuben has been in a bad mood most of the week and I’m unsure as to whether it’s because he’s teething or just because he’s entering terrible two’s stage…when does that start and what actually is it?!

On the blog this week Emma’s epic Labour Pains – 60 hour birth story got loads of hits! Unsuprisingly as it went wild on Facebook and it’s brilliant. And a new entry into the top 10 most visited pages this week was my easy pancake recipe, which I guess is a reflection on the time of year…Hurray for Pancake Day! Which is next Tuesday, 4th March, so don’t forget.

It was a busy old week on the Facebook wall for Q&As, from when to move a baby to its own room to how to settle a toddler in his new big boy bed to teeth to tantrums! Heidi’s Buggy AbroadLouise’s how to settle a 7month old in her cot and Hannah’s Milk Allergy queries were particularly popular.

And a few of my favourite reads this week were…

This Yoga retreat…my best mate and I (mainly me) are looking for some where to go that might be wholesome and not just getting sh*tfaced…and this article has inspired me to try and find something rather than just talk about it!

I’m still working through these amazing set of blogging tips, a newsletter idea, and getting more out of pinterest!

How does that sound? Something of interest? Or is someone already doing it so I can join in with them? Anyway, I really enjoying reading this kind of post so I figured if a few other bloggers fancy joining in the linky and sharing what they’re up to we can share our ideas and grow together! 

I’m linking this in with #AllAboutYou – would be great to have your feedback too xxx