Welcome to the first ever proper Mums’ List (click here to find out what it is and how to join in)! This week has been pretty good – very blog social!

Real life

It started abysmally badly with the mother of all hangovers after my ‘day off’, which I took way too literally but it soon looked up with a lunch date with Ashlie from Sugar Rushed and a gorgeous seafood salad. We also saw the piglets of Bill Quay farm with some #nemumshour pals (Aggie of Grow up Green and Ang from …A mother’s tale).

Mums' List Linky Party

Not gutted I had a salad rather than a fish finger sandwich. At. All.

Mums' List Linky Party

Running in the woods at Bill Quay with his “mate” (there was more than 1 altercation!) 

Mums' List Linky PartyLooking at the piglets (or more likely Joss’ buttons)


Facebook and Pinterest (although I have been enjoying creating my Mother’s Day and Easter Boards!) have been quieter this week but thanks to a revival in #nemumshour twitter went mad. We were talking about rainy day activities to do with toddlers/kids and once again Sarah’s Rainy Day Ideas board got a lot of compliments after I tweeted it! {Next week is Mother’s Day – ideas, crafts, quotes, things we’d like! – at 8pm on Wednesday if you’d like to join us}


After that I was ready to work and I’m excited to have been published elsewhere this week…

I’ve been really interested in Medium this week thanks to a prompt from both Mike and Luci at Mother.Wife.Me. You can read Luci’s first article “Did Rob Babysit Tonight?” and to get a better idea of what Medium is, read this – Welcome to Medium. And I pressed publish on my first article yesterday – Gabriella and the mobile phone, feel free to comment or just correct my typos!

I’ve found this article, Answering the dreaded so what do you do question, really interesting this week – something to work on and I LOVE the 99u site in general.

The other thing I’ve mainly been working on this week is this Linky! I used Picmonkey to create the badge and Grab my button to create this code thing (make sure you have ALL the code):

Mums' Days
<div align="center"><a href="http://www.mumsdays.com" title="Mums' Days"><img src="http://www.mumsdays.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/mums-List-Linky-6sml1.png" alt="Mums' Days" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

It’s now live so I can’t wait to see your Lists!

Mums’ List Linky Party!