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Easter happened, which was fun! We went to the Stephenson Railway Museum on Sunday for their Easter fun – there was promise of an Easter Eggspress (their usual steam train, which thrilled Reuben!), an egg hunt (which thrilled Gabby) and an easter bunny (which thrilled Gabby but terrified Reuben!) – and everyone got chocolate. Oh, and Gabby got a cute little jacket in her Easter pack from her Grandparents that makes her look fresh out of the 80s!

Stephenson Museum - Mums' List 8 After Easter

Making Easter Hats at Stephenson Museum

Stephenson Museum - Mums' List 8 After Easter

Stephenson Museum - Mums' List 8 After Easter

I just love seeing grown men in kids’ play areas!

Stephenson Museum - Mums' List 8 After Easter

Waiting for the steam train to start – Toot toot!

Stephenson Museum - Mums' List 8 After Easter

The rest of the week I seem to have been thinking about food (or lack of it in Rueben’s case) and going sugar-free as I’ve been reading Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar…I’m not there yet but I’m tempted and there are definitely some great recipes to try on my sugar monster (I refer to myself as well as Reuben with that!).


Blog land is still a bit taxing. My stats are at an all time low (OK not all time, but definitely pre-Christmas). I’ve looked at my stats and it’s not Facebook after all! It’s my SEO that seems to be the problem…which reminds me that even when I’m not in the mood I still need to think about my SEO plugin and fill in all the fields! (I use the Yoast plugin and they also have a very helpful blog)

April Showers - Mums' List 8 After Easter

From High Light Venues

I want to read and comment more on other people’s blogs but yesterday I commented (good ones, not just ‘well done you’) on maybe 10 posts and it took me at least an hour and a half. Damn my slow reading skills!


Bloggy one

I thought Ang’s article about Research Skills for Bloggers was ace, she’s been doing some good stuff!

Non-bloggy one

This post about the fashion revolution was news to me and reminded me how much my head is in the sand!

Betty’s on a blog holiday, which is reminding me about the need to just say “enough’s enough, it’s time to watch Boardwalk Empire and then read a magazine”. Good luck with the move love!

And, finally, I’m working on being more like Myra…

Mums' List Week 8 - After Easter

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