You will be forgiven for not understanding what I’m talking about in this post but stick with it as the chances are, you will know what I’m talking about, and may even, in fact, relate! … This month I am taking part in NaBloPoMo. WTF?! I hear you cry!

NaBloPoMo is National BloPost Month (which is far easier to say and remember), and as inspired by my new friend (so new I’m not sure she even knows she’s my friend yet!) the lovely, Vonnie of Nowt special, I’m taking part.

Last week Vonnie announced she was going to blog every day for NaBloPoMo and summonded the blogging world to join her. You can see who is taking part so you can follow their progress via Vonnie’s post here: NaBloPoMo

I’m what’s know as a blogging hermit and not really one for taking part in Blog hops or other such blog community things – not because I’m a recluse (although I guess I sort of am) but more because I am astonoshingly BAD at research. Ask anyone I’m close to and they’ll tell you. I have all my holidays, hotel rooms, new houses, day trips, … [replace with important thing], found for me.

I seem to have no filtering process so when I look for something, whether it’s a new house or a blog hop, I get completely overwhelmed by the amount of information there is. I get nowhere fast, except frustration land. And, because I’m also a procrastinator, instead of getting things done, I often find myself trying to research. The result is generally a Mum-Funk.

Happily, I stumbled over Vonnie’s summons via a manner of fortuitous clicks, and just when I needed it. I was deep in a mum-funk and couldn’t seem to get out of it. I sometimes suffer from a feeling of uselessness, which I think is brought on by an overwhelming amount of information that stops me from getting things done.

For example, I’m worried about Reuben not eating. So, I’ll read loads of different things I should be doing, I’ll ask the Mum’s Days facebook lot for advice, I’ll google, I’ll pinterest, I’ll get overwhelmed, I’ll not get anything done. I’ll feel like a failure. Repeat process for losing weight, blogging, etc and you’ve got a mega mum-funk!

So praise be for Vonnie (and also our family holiday not in Tenerife for some time out together) because I now feel good again. Vonnie made me think, “right, what on earth would I blog about every day?” But then I thought about blogs like the Rockstar Diaries, which celebrates all the little things. What better way to feel blessed and to drag yourself out of a mum-funk than to celebrate the little things?!

Celebrating the little things for NaBloPoMo

Last week on the morning we had just realised that we weren’t going on holiday to Tenerife for sunshine and fun in the water at a luxurious all-inclusive holiday resort (!), a magical moment happened with my spotty little boy. He was in his Dad’s arms, he looked at me and he said, for the first time, “mum”. It was hilarious, with every letter pronounced and it was the most precious moment. It made me feel complete somehow. Like a little hole in my heart had been patched over. How weird does that sound?! or did you feel this too the first time your little one called you mum or dad?


Hello “mum” 

Also in the last week he has just started to explode with new words and sounds. It started with a book we were reading (I can’t remember what it was called and I’ve just taken it back to the Library!), with a horse that said “neigh”. And, now when you ask him, he can tell you the sounds for a horse, cow, lion and bear (they are currently the same!), cat, dog, wolf (mega cute howl!) and duck. It is lush.

In addition, Reuben went on his first Theme Park rides, which I loved almost more than he did…He had to be able to sit on his own and because he was so transfixed, he actually stayed where he was. I thought he’d try and climb into the water!


Dracula’s wife’s frog – at the Halloween themed Gulliver’s Land

And, I get to hang out with this little beauty every weekend (I wish I could say she has my genes but alas!)


Beautiful even when she’s telling me off for taking photos of her!

So, yes, Reuben doesn’t eat much, but he has also just had a virus. And, he’s also a toddler. There’s way more interesting things to be doing when you’re just finding your feet. If he were starving, I’d know about it. If he were ill from lack of nutrition, I’d know about it. But aside from the Pox, which couldn’t have been prevented, he’s my happy, healthy little explorer! So I’m going to stop researching or, more importantly, worrying and start doing!

Starting with a blog a day to celebrate both the little things, and when I have more to say, the big things!