Happy New Year 2014 from Egypt!!! I am so excited for this year – for the first time ever, I feel like I’m in a pretty good place and looking forward to the challenges I’m going to set myself this year, my New Year 2014 Resolutions.

I normally pay no heed to resolutions – last year it took me until my blog anniversary to actually come up with any and then I didn’t stick to them! – but this year I’m feeling good and, rather than set myself up for a fall, I’m setting myself some real, achievable, easily measurable goals.

New Year 2014 resolutions

  1. To read more – this is exactly the same as last year except rather than saying arbitrarily READ, I’m giving myself a reading list (see the reading list here), including some recommendations from my favourite bloggers Helen of Actually Mummy and Hannah of Make, do and push! I will share this over the coming days…
  2.  To blog every day for the year – I’m quite reticent to say this out loud but if I don’t, who’s going to know that’s my intention. I know nobody gives a shit if blog every day or not but if I say it out loud, it is my commitment to myself that I will do it. And the reason? Mike got me a great book for Christmas called “manage your day-to-day: build your routine, find your focus and sharpen your creative mind” – sounds like the dullest read EVER but I bloody love it!! That’s how well my hubby knows me. I have ideas, but I flap about, I never see things through and I feel like a failure. Most days. This book gives me all the tools to finally achieve the things I want to this year. Starting with ‘harnessing the power of frequency’. In short if you do something every day it is less daunting, it’s easier to get back into, it helps you come up with new ideas and makes you more productive. I loved the discipline of blogging every day during November with Vonnie from Nowt Special, so I guess, much like my diet, I need my work life to be strict if I’m going to achieve anything! Which brings me neatly to…
  3.  To lose a stone by my birthday (20th March) – I know this is both obvious and boring but this could be the year I feel ready to have another child. It might not. Either way, the fact that Gabriella honestly thought I was pregnant today means it’s time to take control and stop feeling like the victim. If I wait until after I have a second child, it is likely to be even harder. I’m not sure of my strategy yet but it’s most likely to be eat less and exercise more. I hear that works.
That’s it. I believe if I concentrate on those things, the rest should sort of fall into place because, in theory, I will feel content as I achieve the things I set out to do. Making me a happier person and a better mum and wife and friend.
Probably a bit deep for this kind of a hangover, but if you can’t get serious at the turn of a new year, when can you?!

What ambitions and resolutions do you have for the new year?