Last week I said that I would take my back pain (over the pelvic issue) any day of the week…while this is still true, I am soooooo miserable! I have a pain on the left hand side of my lower back and sometimes it doesn’t hurt too bad, for example if I’m sitting or lying down. If I try to walk somewhere within about 15 minutes the pain becomes excruciating. There’s so much I want to do so this is really getting me down that I can’t do it – exercise is pretty much out of the question and even trying to figure out the logistics of getting to work (where I have to do the least amount of walking) is hurting my head. What I really want to do is work from my bed, but that isn’t possible at the moment, and as my time on this project is slowly winding down, I’m beginning to worry about how much I still have to do (not that that’s motivating me to get my arse in gear)!

So what’s the solution…is there any relief or will I have to spend the next 3 months more or less miserable and bed bound? I thought what I had was sciatica, which is where the baby and/or expanding uterus is sitting on your sciatic nerve. As a result, I’ve spent the last week lying on my right side trying to coax the baby to move.

However, yesterday I went to see my new best friend, Duncan, who is a chiropractor. He gave me an assessment and after pointing out that it was unlikely to be sciatica because the pain doesn’t run down the back of my leg or even into my bottom, he could see that my pelvis isn’t really aligned. So, therefore, the pain I’m feeling in my back is likely to be related to the same pain I had in my fanny last week (not his words). At this stage of pregnancy, the ligaments in the pelvis are really relaxing and, therefore, the extra weight is putting pressure on my tilted pelvis, namely at the top of my bum where it hurts, and sort of causing Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

Pretty in Pink has it right there…ouch indeed.

Aside from the chiropractic work he’s going to do to try and realign my pelvis, in the mean time he has give me the following advice for while I’m going about my business, which looks suspiciously like a list of things I’ve shouldn’t have been doing but have:

– Sit with pelvis aligned i.e. not leaning on one side or the other with legs curled up or with legs crossed (whoops)

– Don’t wearing heels (whoops – although I’m going to take that with spinach of salt, naturally. Surely if my pelvis is still aligned…?)

– Don’t do superman or donkey kicks or any other exercises that rely on your pelvis to keep you balanced (whoops)

– Try to sleep on your side with your pelvis, you guessed it, aligned using a pillow between your knees (whoops – I’ve been sleeping wonky as you like – hunched up and curled around my pregnancy pillow, almost on my front)

So, all in all, I’ve been doing completely the wrong thing and poor little baby has been continuously prodded and encouraged to move for no real reason. I also asked Duncan about exercise (hence no superman moves, etc.) and providing it doesn’t hurt, I should still be able to do exercise including swimming (but not breast stroke), and I’ll keep doing the cross trainer as, unlike walking, it doesn’t hurt. Very strange, if only I could move around town via cross trainer, shopping would be much more fun. Oh, and lunges are off limits too. Tried it yesterday and it hurt like buggery.

Duncan did say there was a chance that after my treatment I wouldn’t be able to move the next day but, so far so good, so I sincerely hope everything gets back to normal-ish soon.

If anyone else out there is also feeling miserable with your pregnancy symptoms, feel free to have a good moan in the comments below without  judgement – I have sympathy at the ready! xxx