Who doesn’t love a bedtime story (not least for what follows!)? And today’s review is of the newly released Dinosaur Book called Oddsockosaurus.

Mums’ Days Reviewer, Emily, has been reading it to her little boy Beau. Here’s what she thought…

Oddsockosaurus - Dinosaur Picture book exploring emotions and behaviour

Oddsockosaurus – Dinosaur Book Review

Quality: ★★★★☆

Price: ★★★☆☆

Overall: ★★★☆☆

Beau, like most boys, is a huge fan of dinosaurs so when this book popped up to review I jumped at it. We also loved the title as when anyone is grumpy in our house they are a grumpalumpasaurus so to discover an oddsockasaurus was, to Beau, hilarious.

Oddsockosaurus - Dinosaur Picture book exploring emotions and behaviour

Oddsockasaurus is written from the perspective of a 6 yr old boy who feels that he might be better understood by dinosaurs.

He explores his moods and behaviours defining them as a particular species of dinosaur, each page introduces us to a new dinosaur and his characterisation of it. For example, whyceratops occurs when he has a lot of questions – hardly his fault when an answer provokes another question!

When he is a Cheekyodon his underpants find themselves on the head of his sister’s teddy bear, and when he helps his sister or shares his Monopoly money (who does that?!) he is understandably a Lovelyonychus.

Initially I wondered whether this book might be a little old for Beau who is 3 yrs old. There were some species he didn’t understand such as the Philosopheraptor and it was quite difficult to get your tounge around some of the names so I doubt he had a clue what I was saying at times.

Having said that it is a much smoother read the second time round! What I really liked about this book was the variety of behaviours that it introduced and putting a funny twist on them increased Beau’s awareness of them. He was able to tell me which dinoasaur he thought he was like, namely the Fastosaurus Rex as he likes riding his scooter and we talked about how he might be some of the others.

He insisted that he was not the Mudiraptor but he was able to  identify his friend in Loudatrops, which I thought was pretty inciteful – maybe I don’t give the boy enough credit!

Oddsockosaurus - Dinosaur Picture book exploring emotions and behaviour

The illustrations of our 6 yr old hero wearing his different suits of dinosaur are beautiful and they bring to life his depictions. The added details, such as the wonky sock and the definitive expression provoked lots of extra discussion also.

Oddsockosaurus - Dinosaur Picture book exploring emotions and behaviour

For me, the book lacked the enchanting magical tale that I enjoy but of course this isn’t about what I like. The fact that it has been the book of choice for the past 3 nights speaks volumes.

Oddsockasaurus is comparatively priced at £6.99 and although it is most likely going to appeal to dinosaur lovers there is at least one dinosaur that every child can identify with.

Thanks for you review Emily and Beau!

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